Cat Swap

Jasmine at Christmas
Jasmine at Christmas

A few weeks ago the number of felines in our house doubled. My father-in-law, downsizing his house, decided to get rid of his 2 cats. He was never the cat lover, and he wasn’t really dedicating the time to them that they needed. So, Jasmine, the friendly on the pair, came to live with us. Unfortunately, she didn’t get on with Molly, our existing house cat.

So, we spent New Year with my sister-in-law’s family, and they agreed to take Jasmine. We bundled her into her cage yesterday and took her along. She’s been acting very timid but will soon come out of her shell. They have a big house and a big garden, no other cats, and 4 children who will all love to stroke her. In time she’ll be in her absolute element.


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