Tired, angry and emotional

And I have no idea why I feel like this.

Last night I got home to find one the headlight bulbs in my car had blown. To make sure I got the right one, I thought I’d take the blown one out. Then I thought that maybe I should test it was the bulb (as it looked okay), so should swap it with the other one. That proved it was the bulk. All fine so far. So I now go to put the good bulb back… will it go. No.

45 minutes later and I’m still trying. The bulb is battered to death (but still working) and I’m shouting and ranting at this point. It’s dark and it’s cold and neither of my headlights are now working.

At 5:40pm I drive my car up to Kam Servicing. They’re closing but as a favour help me out and replace both bulbs and fit them in for me. They charge me just for the bulbs i but ask me not to come back again just for a bulb replacement. This makes me wonder what I’ll do in future if a bulb blows (apart from doing it in the light).

By this time it was 6. I hadn’t had any tea and I was due to leave an hour later for rehearsals.  I decided to stay in and have a long bath instead.

But why I’m feeling so tetchy and emotional right now, I don’t know.

I need a holiday!

  1. although they’d cashed-up and closed the PC down, so I’ve got to nip back tonight to pay[]


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