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Dell Customer Service

Or rather my most recent online chat with them about the Dell Mini 9. Here is, word-for-word (but with personal details removed), how it went (my lines in bold)…

Initial Question/Comment: Are there any further offers on the XP Mini 9?

Thank you for contacting Dell Sales Chat. This is xxxxxx xxxxxx, your Sales Advisor. Please give me a moment while I review your query. In order to serve you better, may I have your telephone number & email address, just in case of disconnection I can either call you or email you back. My email address and Dell dial number 0870 9075 128 Ext: xxxxx

My number is xxxx xxxxxxx, my email xxxxxx

Thanks for the contact details

Well David Dell don’t offer any further discount on the products.

Oh. Ok. The price has gone up recently, and it’s now outside of my budget range

All right

Is that it? No attempt to get a sale from me? No offers?

David i am not suppose to offer any further deals on the system.

Who can then? Surely you don’t wish me to now go and spend my money elsewhere?

Dell don’t have the discounting policy any more.

Do you know why the Mini 9 has shot up in price? A week ago it had a £20 off and was £279. That makes the “full price” £299. However, you’re now selling it for £329, with £10 off. That makes the full price £339 now. With the Mini 10 coming out, I thought you’d be dropping the price, not increasing it.

Just to let you know we start new promotions on every Thursday morning and the present promotion will be expired.

Will it be replaced with another?

I cannot inform you about it as of now as there is no information available.

Ok. Thanks. You’ve been helpful yet no help at all!! I’ll take my money somewhere else.

Thank you for contacting Dell Sales Chat and allowing me the opportunity to assist you. Have a wonderful Day.

And then it came up with a questionnaire for me to fill in. I enjoyed that.

So, what we’ve learnt. Dell have stopped their discounting policy, so there is no haggling – the price on the site is what it is, even if as a customer you’d rather go elsewhere.

But that’s the last such chat. I’ve given up with Dell i.

  1. I became  a recent fan because my work laptop, a Dell, is so good. However, even my employer is now going elsewhere[]

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