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Even after my recent problems trying to get a decent price out of Dell for one of these, I’m still interested in getting a Mini 9.

Their £20 off offer has official ended so I was keen to see how they’re selling now.

I read earlier today about the imminent release of the Mini 10, so I’m thinking that Dell is likely to be wanting to shift their stock of Mini 9’s and this was maybe my chance. Why go for a Mini 9 when the superior Mini 10 will be out? Simple – the Mini 9 has an SSD drive. I can’t see the point in buying a small, robust, netbook that you can throw in a bag, etc, and stick a fragile HD in it. So, a Mini 9 it is.

And the current selling price for the XP version… £329 with a £10 off offer. Excuse me? It was £279 last week with £20 off. That, in my estimate, made the full price £299. Now it’s £339? What gives? Who the hell is going to buy it now – that’s more than the far, far superior Samsung NC10 is selling for.

Madness. Total madness.