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I’ve been off work this week – hence the lack of blogs. And I’ve been building the Ikea furniture that was delivered. Oh, it’s been fun. My hands and knees are raw, but it’s done.

The dresser took me 4 hours yesterday. 4 long, frustrating hours. Whoever designed the system of putting the feet on that dressers needs shooting.

But not everything was their fault. I built it in the living room as the dining room was already pretty full – the intention was to move it into the dining room once done. What could go wrong? Well, maybe the opening between the two rooms isn’t as tall as the dresser. Doh!

Anyway, it’s all done now. My computer is now in a corner of the dining room. All I’m lacking is a sturdy shelf – I bought one from Ikea but I don’t think it will take enough weight.

Now I’m off to buy some telephone cables… at the moment my broadband connection is relying on an extension reel run casually through the middle of the living room 😉