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With a lot of room changes to make (you know, moving the computer to the dining room, starting a nursery, etc) we visited our local Ikea last night. In total we spent… erm, quite a bit, and it’s seriously drained our savings.

We’d visited a few weeks ago and planned what we would buy to make last nights trip as quick and easy as possible.

It was always our intention to arrange a home delivery as many of the items were bulky and over-sized for my small car. However, after looking in their catalogue and on their website we weren’t much the wiser as to how you were supposed to arrange it. About the only thing we found out was that you pay for the items at the usual checkout and then take it to a special home delivery area. Ok. But do we pay for delivery at the checkout? We weren’t sure. I asked his particular question at the checkout and I was told we paid for it separately, when arranging the delivery. I was obviously not sure and by this time I had 3 unwieldy trolleys.

Eventually we get to the home delivery area. They ask for our postcode. Then they tell us it will be delivered next day. Oh, ok, that’s not possible as no-one will be at home. Can we have it next week i? It’s at THIS point that we’re told that it costs £10 a night to store it. Excuse me? Yep, with no choice but to pay it, I stump up – delivery is on Saturday. We’d paid for the items so we could either pay up, take them home then (which wasn’t an option) or get them all refunded and come and do the whole thing again another day. I felt like I’d been mugged.

Anyway, I contacted Ikea. I was very friendly and explained what happened and suggested that they should have better explanations of how the process works. Today I received a prompt reply.

Hej Mr Artiss,

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry.

First let me offer my sincere apologies for your recent experience. It would appear that you have not received the level of service that both yourself and IKEA would expect.

I can assure you that IKEA takes customer service very seriously and will continue to employ all possible methods to ensure that the highest standards are achieved and exceeded in the future.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to write to IKEA and give us your comments. Objective feedback can only help us improve our customer service and your shopping experience.

I sincerely hope that any future contact with IKEA better reflects our commitment to Customer Service.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Sue on behalf of the IKEA Customer Services Team.

How automated a response does that sound? I’m not impressed.

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  1. ashleigh avatar

    how is this – NEVER again will we use IKEA HOME DELIVERY, it would be cheape to hire a van for the day. I was collecting the kids from school when they arried, they said they would call before they came to deliver, but they called when they got here, I asked them to leave the stuff in our front yard, they would not as the needed a signature. They would not wait the 20mins it took me to get home. I had to rearrange the delivery for the next day, at a further cost of £40 CASH, they said they would deliver from 10am to 2pm – my husband took off work to be at home so we dont have to have a rerun of the previous days drama, they guy arrives, my husband as for a receipt for the £40 he says no way we dont do receipts, my husband asked so how can we prove we have paid, the guy got into the van and drove off with our stuff – so now we have to hire a car to go pick up the stuff, a £20 book shelf, now cost us a cool £40 plus car hire…..

    s… what do we do???

  2. courier birmingham avatar
    courier birmingham

    Ashleigh, You should definately have complained and complained and complained until you got an answer you felt satisfied with. I felt angry on your behalf just reading your story!

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