Slippy slippy slip sliding

The view from my office window
The view from my office window
An apt description of my drive to work. Thankfully it was early and traffic was light. I took my time and drove carefully. The snow outside is a lot, lot worse than at the beginning of the week and it’s continuing to come down.

Unfortunately, it was all let down by selfish drivers. On icy roads the last thing you want is for other drivers to not indicate properly, causing you to have to brake unnecessarily. Or to tail-gate you.

You’d also expect other drivers to take the weather into account with regard to how they react to other drivers on the road. So, when I was coming down a hill about to take a tight turn onto a junction, you’d expect other drivers to expect that manoeuvre to potentially go a bit, erm, wrong. Which it did. My back end slid out and I did a nice wide arc towards the junction. So why in the name of blither did the person coming up that road towards the junction not hold back? Why did he drive right up to the junction, right in my way? Thankfully I gained control and missed him. But even my mid-slide gesture for him to get out of the way was met with blank looks. Unbelievable.

Anyway, at work in one piece. The snow has now stopped and it’s beginning to thaw already. Apparently warm rain is due.

And during all of this, the Vodafone and Orange mobile networks have been flaky (probably due to the number of texts and phone calls). O2 appeared fine, however.


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