Car trouble

What is it about Sundays? Something always goes wrong on a Sunday, leaving the weekend on a sour note.

Last night I was taking my daughter home. It’s a 3 hour round trip and because my wife, who decided to come along, was feeling tired she decided to sit in the back and kip whilst my daughter sat in the front with me.

All was fine until we were about 15 minutes from her house and then my car lights went off. Then back on again. Then off. This happened a few times over the next few minutes until they went off totally and refused to come back on.

Thankfully the remainder of the journey was well-lit so I continued on side-lights to the house. I checked the fuses but they were all fine so I ended up calling out the AA. As it was going to be a while until they arrived, my daughter got out Frustration i and so started a game between my wife, my ex-wife and daughter. I’m sure, on Mothers day, my daughter was delighted but it was very surreal.

The AA man came and, at first, seemed perplexed – there wasn’t even any power to the fuses for the lights. However, after looking up my cars details on his laptop he went straight to the problem and the lights came back on. It would appear the relays had come out. They are situated under the glove box. On the passenger side. Where short, swingy feet can dislodge them. I couldn’t be angry with her, particularly as I was just glad the car was fixed but also because there was no real proof it was her.

Never-the-less, a long, weird evening and more proof that Sundays are best avoided!

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