Ah SATs. My daughter it taking hers in a couple of months – these are the Year 6 SATs that have been so bemoaned by the public in the past.

But what are they good for?

Well, when I was at the same age, there were frequent “tests” during the year and the teacher was expected to know how well each pupil was doing. That was all that was needed. Now we have the SATs, which determine school-wide results, teachers pay, etc, etc. And for this reason my daughter, along with everyone else in her year, is being put under intense pressure by the school to do well. And that stinks

And here’s the best bit… she’s currently being expected (with a book for parents to sign) to do an hour of revision each school night. And 3 hours per day at the weekend. That’s right – 11 hours of revision a week. And the exam isn’t until May.

All of this is, naturally, because the government believe in being to prove everything with statistics (which they’ll just manipulate how they want anyway) and tables. Personally, I’d be happy not knowing all this if it meant less pressure was applied to the children.


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