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No, the DSi hasn’t come out of storage, I’ve simply read  a couple of useful tips elsewhere that I thought I’d share. Maybe these are in the manual but, unlike most other tips I’ve read, I’d not realised these.

  1. The DSi lets you sort and order your menu icons – instead of tapping to select a game or program, simply hold your finger or stylus down on the icon for a second. Moving it while held will change where it is in the line of icons.
  2. Change the screen brightness easily by holding the select button on the right side of the system’s face and use the volume buttons to switch up and down your brightness.

Finally for those, like me, that don’t have the excellent dBpoweramp for converting MP3s to AAC, I’d recommend the Open Source (and free) MediaCoder Audio Edition, the audio version of my favourite MediaCoder multimedia convert.

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