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I’ve now started in anger on my new social bookmarking plugin for WordPress (and, indeed, you should see the initial results below each post). It’s taking a bit of jiggery-pokery to get them to also work within feeds as well, but I hope I’m getting there. Maybe.

I might now make it so that rather than just have the favourite bookmarking facilities available, I’ll add LOTS and add a simple way of turning off those you don’t want. In the meantime I’ve come across two further, rather popular, bookmarking methods that I missed. I’m sure there’ll be more and I’ll post those later.


There’s an excellent article on how to do this on the LinkedIn website. But, using the format I was using before, it’s…[url]&title=[title] &source=[source]

The new parameter <code>[source][/source][/source] is where the source article came from – in this case the main URL of the blog. You can also pass a summary, but I found that whenever I did it didn’t appear to work. Not sure why, but as it’s quite limited I’ve decided to omit this.


Now, this was a little more tricky as their own developer notes (see the link on the right hand side of the screen) gives entire script examples rather than the simplified URL system I’ve been using. None-the-less, it can be boiled down to…[url]&t=[title]

Again,  you can pass a summary (or in this case it appears to be quite happy to receive the entire content – I’m guessing this is for if you’re passing via form) but I’ve omitted this.


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