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Google Chrome LogoFirst of all, let me start by saying that I don’t normally blog about technology stories that are already being plastered everywhere, including the BBC news page. However, in this case, I’m so excited about the story that I feel the need to comment.

Google has announced – finally – that it’s working on an OS to compete with Windows.

Here are the points you need to know…

  • It’s initially aimed at Netbooks, but will eventually work it’s way onto PC’s.
  • It will be compatible with both x86 and ARM processors
  • It will take a matter of seconds to boot up
  • It is designed around internet use and will be easy to use with a clean interface
  • Security will be at it’s heart, with Google hoping for a virus and spyware free experience
  • It will be separate to Android, it’s mobile platform
  • The OS is expected to be launched in the middle of next year
  • It will be Open Source, and the source code is likely to be made available later this year

Roll on next summer!

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  1. Chrome OS would be very competitive on Microsoft operating systems. I was thinking that one day, Google would launch an Operating system that would complete with Windows XP or Vista. Google and Microsoft would compete head to head now that Microsft launched its Bing search engine.

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