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A while ago, work provided me with a mobile phone holder for my car. It’s chunky, clunky and naff looking but it works a treat – it holds both my fat N95 (including, at a push, in landscape mode) and thin MP3 player.

Anyway, I was on the look out for something a bit, erm, better looking. And maybe even better to use. As it’s a Friday I therefore popped out to a nearby mobile phone shop.

Like most mobile phone shops these days, it was trying to be “trendy”. Lots of blank space, with a smattering of phones and accessories around the walls. This reduced their range of stock and, in a lot of case, accessories were hanging behind the counter. Both of the shop workers were busy and there was a long queue waiting to speak to them, so I decided to just peruse.

But, as hard as I tried, I could not find a single car holder. Not, for that matter, any other car accessory, other than in-car chargers. Lots of trendy phone “socks”, laptops and even broadband routers, but no holders or Bluetooth accessories intended for the car. Both of which is weird considering recent laws about mobile phone use in the car – you’d have thought such items were even more essential.

And where was I? The Carphone Warehouse.