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Recently I received a comment against my “Adobe Acrobat Reader Vs Foxit Reader” post. It was a reasonable enough query…

Hello guys, I need to edit the watermark of a PDF document. How can I do it?

Imagine my surprise, without having had the chance to authorise this, to receive a follow up comment 2 minutes later…

I have been using the Magic PDF software for editing watermark of a PDF document. Check it out at http://www.magic-PDF.com. albert

Yes, that’s right, someone is adding questions to blogs, which they’re then answering, in some half-arsed attempt to promote their website and/or product. The link doesn’t come with an affiliate link, so I can only assume that this has come from the website owners themselves.

The other giveaway is that, although they used different email addresses, both comments came from the same IP address.

Not surprisingly, I’m not the first to be spammed by them.

Stand up Magic PDF and take a bow. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free.