Boycott Scotland!

Or rather not.

Some rather patriotic American has created a website,, to blame Scotland for the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. Now, I’ll admit to not being sure myself whether his release was for the best or not. However, as was said at the time, he showed no compassion for what he did, but by showing it ourselves, we are proving ourselves to be better than the terrorists.

Anyway, this website is quite, unintentionally, funny. Better though is the accompanying Twitter account. Let’s have a look at a few of the gems so far posted.

I boycott any country where I can’t speak there language.

This was in response to somebody creating a spoof Twitter account named “boycott wales”! However, he seems strangely serious in his response. Of course, being able to spell in your own language would be a good start – it’s “their” language.

Simon Cowell should leave American idol & get replaced by a REAL American idol, Mr. Asskicker himself Jack Bauer from 24.

Now, I’m not necessarily a Simon Cowell groupie, but I can see two things here. First of all, Simon has never put himself forward as an “American” idol, as he is very much British (although, I believe, lives in their country and contributes to their economy). Secondly, are they seriously suggesting that the alternative is a FICTIONAL character (I’m guessing a grip of reality is an issue here) and, specifically, because he “kicks ass”? No stereotyping of the angry, violent, gun-totting American then.

You have your freedom Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue

He is talking about the UK isn’t he? Or does he believe that only the USA has those colours in their flag?

Scots need to go back where they came from. We can have whiskey party here – you’re either with us or against us.

The huge irony of telling a particular country folk to return to where they came from, from a country that, with the exception of the Native American, is built upon those who came from other nations, is not lost on me.

Look at this flag, Scotland. it’s the AMERICAN FLAG. Case closed.

Their Twitter icon is the flag of the USA, which is the flag I’m assuming they’re referring to. However, the comment is pretty surreal. Why does pointing out a flag mean the end of any argument?

Their location on Twitter shows as “REAL America”. That’s in preference to that fake America that keeps being mentioned.

Now, I can understand that many people are unhappy with the decision that the Scottish minister has made. Quite why all this then becomes the fault of the whole of Scotland – and in some cases, the UK – I’m not quite sure. But at least, use some reasoned, well thought out, argument.

They follow Fox News on Twitter, which makes sense.

Thankfully, an alternative website has been created – That’s also funny, but intentionally so.


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    The release of the Lockerbie bomber was very enlightening, I now understand why the Scottish people remember William Wallace so very fondly. People remember, by their nature, things that are no more. Gone is William Wallace. Gone is Scottish honor. Gone is Scottish bravery. Gone is the idea justice and punishment for the acts of evil men. Yes the sword once wielded for these ideals has become embarrassingly dull. Abdel Baset al-Megrahi served a mere 11 days for each life taken, ouch! I’m quite sure Mr. Wallace would have made this same decision, to send this killer of innocence back to his homeland to live out his days in peace as a returning hero, and possibly a cup of tea and shortbread, in a display of Scottish compassion. After all, it was mostly Yanks that died that day, not so many Scots eh. So on the day your countrymen set aside to remember William Wallace and the honor and bravery that is no more, also take time, time to remember this fact. The only “stones” left in Scotland are the ones used to keep the sheep from blowing into the sea. I hail from the land of Tennessee, a land known far and wide for its whiskey. I no longer feel a desire for Scotch. As long as there is a Tennessee and a Kentucky, there is no need for a Scotland, as far as whiskey goes.

    1. Ok, that was a lot of rambling for what I think was a single point – that William Wallace wouldn’t have released the Lockerbie bomber.

      Of course he wouldn’t have. He lived in a different time – a brutal, violent time when they would happily have slaughtered the man without even a trial. Is that how you wish to compare this?

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    David, I’m no history expert and I know it was a different time in William’s day. I guess the point I was trying to make is that Mr. Wallace was a man who stuck to his principles and would not let an injustice go unchallenged if he were able to do something. When I heard of the release, I couldn’t believe it. Why would Scotland do this?. On my website I have had a spirited discussion with one of your countrymen by the name of Chris, he was quite angry with me, to say the least. He told me of the Law that grants release to the terminally ill. I didn’t know of this, the law is the law even when it’s distasteful. Chris more or less said that the Scottish people weren’t happy about this either, the average citizen. I was afraid Scotland was going soft, But that is not true. I would ask that you visit my website and read the dialog between Chris and I. Maybe it will help. Thanks for allowing my comments here. RichardKP

  3. The fact that Scotland has its own law distinct from the rest of the UK should indicate that Scotland is anything other than soft. Just because a country is more about compassion than guns and death penalties, doesn’t make it wrong.

    I’ve read the discussion between yourself and Chris and, well, wasn’t impressed. With Chris anyway. He doesn’t agree after fair discussion, he just gives in and completely reverses his own views after being only slightly challenged.

    None-the-less, and something I mentioned in my original post, I’m not necessarily totally for the decision made by the Scottish minister (and shall I remind, again, the frothing-at-the-mouth Americans who want to boycott ANYTHING Scottish) – indeed, I didn’t really express my own views. The original post was to take the Michael out of the Boycott Scotland website and the Twitter account.

    Indeed, my own views appear to be similar to one you expressed in the aforementioned debate between yourself and Chris. Rather than release him back to Libya, maybe he should have remained in Scotland, but allowed greater access to his family, etc.

  4. John Bramwell avatar
    John Bramwell

    “Gone is Scottish Bravery”? Perhaps our American friend would like to tell that to the many Scottish soldiers fighting alongside his own countrymen in various places? It is, of course, up to individuals (in a free society) to choose who to boycott and for what reason… the same as it is up to individual nations to regulate their own legal systems free from unwanted foreign pressure.

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    William Wallace-Braveheart

    I am pleased to see that the USA nutters are going to boycott whiskey too. Whiskey is Irish…the scots version is whisky.

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