More TomTom Customer Service Problems

Hmmm, TomTom service is certainly not appearing to be up-to-scratch. I mentioned it before, and it now appears to be worse that I suspected.

A few weeks ago I came across a problem with my TomTom Go and its voice control system – when navigating to an address, it displays a list of possibilities on the screen and you state the number. It correctly identifies this number but then appears to plot a route to a different address. If you don’t realise this, you could end up going a whole different route!

Anyway, I sent a query to TomTom, as well as posting on a popular SatNav forum. The forum got back first, stating that this was a known bug – the answer is simply to state the number before it (it plots to the next one along, and hence the correct one). If you put a dummy address in at the top of your list, you will always be able to state one number before.

Afterwards, TomTom got back to me. Their suggestion was to re-install the voices. Not sure how this is supposed to correct what is obviously a software bug and, no, I haven’t followed their advice.

Next, since swapping my devices I’ve had a map update stuck at the top of my TomTom Home update list – I think it was due for my previous device and hence why it won’t let me download it. I sent a support request about this to TomTom a few weeks ago and so far they’ve not deigned to reply. Yesterday, though, they emailed me to say that I had a new update waiting for me. Great. Except I don’t. And clicking on the “Latest Map Guarantee” option states that my subscription to this has expired. This is the quarterly payment I make to ensure I have the latest maps – which they’d said in an earlier support request that they’d transferred across devices.

So, I’ve updated my earlier call with this. Maybe it will prompt them to respond.

My TomTom 540 Live is a really good device. It’s such a shame that my experience is being let down by these annoying issues and a really poor customer service.

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