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I use the simple, but configurable, WP YouTube plugin for WordPress to embed YouTube videos in my posts.

It hasn’t been updated since the beginning of 2008 but, hey, it works i. Well, it did. I have a post in draft in which I wanted to embed two videos. Sadly it won’t work and it appears to be down to the use of hyphens in their ID. When you look at the source code for the resultant post something has converted the hyphens to HTML friendly characters.

So, for instance, an ID of 7Yapo–1OaE is being embedded in the code with the “double dash” converted to &#8211. The ID of oatks-1x8U8 is having the dash converted to &#215.

I’ve contacted the plugin owner, via his site, but due to the lack of recent activity on this plugin, I’m not sure what response I’ll get.

Meantime I’ve been looking at other YouTube plugins that do what I need them to do (i.e. have some basic configuration options for colour, auto-start, etc). Few have been changed recently (and therefore, I’m guessing, will have picked up on what I assume is a recent change to ID formats) and only YouTuber sprang out as being a reasonable alternative. Sadly that has the same issue, and I’ve reported that via the forum on WordPress.

I had a play with WP YouTube last night but was unable to sort the problem out – I suspect the conversion is happening to the URL before it’s being passed into the plugin. However, none of the PHP commands that will decode these seemed to work.

If anybody has any ideas, I’m keen to hear them.

  1. well, okay, it doesn’t support HD videos[]


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