How to get incompatible Firefox add-ons to work

Firefox 3.6 has been released and that means, once again, that you might find some of your add-ons don’t work. Now, this isn’t Firefox just wanting to cause problems for us all, but for genuine security and stability reasons.

None-the-less, if you need to get an add-on working, then there is a (relatively) simple way to do it.

  • Download the .XPI add-on file
  • Change the file extension from .XPI to .ZIP (because that is what they really are)
  • Double click the .ZIP and you should see a file called install.rdf
  • Drag this file out of the zip, to your folder or desktop
  • Open the .RDF file with Notepad
  • Find the line that contains maxVersion and change the 3.5 to the current version of Firefox
  • Save and close the .RDF
  • Drag the edited file back into the .ZIP
  • Close the .ZIP and rename it back to .XPI
  • Double click the .XPI and it should offer to install to Firefox


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