Where is my Knitted Character?

Early December, I came across a company that was hand knitting and supplying Harry Hill Knitted Characters. I thought it would be ideal for my 7 month year old daughter.

Sadly, although I paid for a guaranteed “before Christmas” delivery, it never turned up.

Unfortunately, and you only find out when this situation arises, the only way to contact “BMG Burp” is via an email address. But I did and received no response to my enquiry. I emailed them again and, this time, my email bounced with an error.

Their website is still taking orders and, indeed, they’ve updated the site today with their latest “testimonials”.

And I’m not the only one – there’s a blog and Twitter account for those people who haven’t received theirs yet. The author ordered theirs the same day, but appears to have had a bit more of a response from the company than myself.

Now, I’m not reporting this to stop people buying – I don’t think the company is dodgy. My older daughter received one from them, and it was ordered the same day. However, when ordering online, it’s always worth checking the process for if problems do occur – just an email address is not sufficient. I’ve tried “Googling” for a phone number, but I can’t find one.

All I’m left with now is to attempt, via Google Checkout, to get a refund.

Update : Google Checkout contacted BMG Burp and they immediately updated my order status to say it had now been despatched. I wonder how I now go about getting a refund on the “guaranteed for Xmas” postage?

Update #2: I got home a few hours after writing the above to find it had been delivered. Strange that the status had only been set to “despatched” after it had turned up. None-the-less, and if you read the comments for this post, you’ll find that it was not send until the 31st December and the postage was a lot LESS than what I paid. I, and many others, have been taken for a ride!


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  1. Helen Hale avatar
    Helen Hale

    Hi, I too ordered from this company on 3rd December for a knitted character with “guaranteed” delivery for Christmas. I received an automated email on 17th December telling me that all orders made before 10th December that had not already been despatched would be sent on Monday 21st December by Royal Mails recorded and guaranteed next day delivery service. Another email was sent on 21st December stating that all orders had now been sent and that if I hadn’t already received my knitted character he would be arriving on Tues morning. I waited in all day on 22nd December but my order did not arrive. I emailed the company to tell them and received an automated response telling me not to worry my delivery was guaranteed for Christmas.
    My knitted character eventually arrived on 4th January – postmarked 31st December so it had not even been posted until 1 week after Christmas!

    1. As luck would have it, guess what was waiting for me when I got home? Yep, one Knitted Character.

      Now, like Helen, mine shows a postmark of 31st December. It also shows a pretty standard Royal Mail delivery mark with a postage price of £1.28. Yet I paid £2.99 for a guaranteed Xmas delivery.

  2. Tricia Heighway avatar
    Tricia Heighway

    Yes, mine arrived yesterday with a 31/12 postmark too. Perhaps it was supposed to hitch a lift on the Tardis to get to me by Christmas.

    And my Google Checkout status STILL says ‘Not Yet Dispatched’.

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