Clearing all data from the Nokia N95

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As I said I would, I’m selling my Nokia N95 to one of the many “we’ll buy your old mobile” sites 1.

However, first, I had to remove all my personal data from it. There is an option in the settings to reset it to factory settings but that leaves the data behind.

After some searching I found the answer. So, here’s what to do…

  1. Connect your Nokia to your PC and format the removable drive (FAT32 flavour)
  2. Disconnect and type in the following on the phone – *#7370#
  3. It will prompt you for a lock code. If you’ve not changed this, the default is 12345.
  4. It will now reset and start prompting for country, date and time, etc.

And it’s done. Bye bye Nokia – you promised so much but ended up a disappointment.

  1. the one that would give me the most money![]

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  • jade smith

    15th November 2010

    The Nokia N95 phone needs to improve on its call quality and performance. If you can afford the $779 price tag, let me tell you that this is one of the best phones I have ever laid my hands on. Also when you are buying this phone, make sure you ask for Nokia N94-4. The 4 in the model number relates to 3G capabilities. There are several versions on this phone and you might get the wrong one accidentally.


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