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For those sharp enough to have viewed the site over the last 20 minutes, or subscribe to my feed, you might have seen a number of test posts.

You see, I posted earlier today and the resultant feed had the social links missing from the end. Not only that, but any of the feeds that contain that post no longer display in Firefox. Weird. Look at the source behind it, though, and it looks fine.

My assumption is that it’s the Simple Social Bookmarks plugin, which changed around the time this still worked. So I installed the previous version and it started working again.

So, I did some tinkering and it still didn’t work. Now, I have the previous version back installed and it still doesn’t work. No matter what I do, I can’t get the chuffing bookmarks to appear in my feed. Grrrr.

Expect more test posts. And banging of head against wall.