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I’m often wanting to create quick and useful links to Wikipedia. Obviously, you could add a link manually each time, but wouldn’t an automated system be so much better?

Well, crack open your functions.php file within your theme folder and add the following code.

add_shortcode( 'wikilink','add_wikilink' );
function add_wikilink( $paras = "", $content = "" ) {
    return '<a href="' . str_replace( " ", "_", $content ) . '" title="Look up ' . $content . ' on Wikipedia" title="Look up ' . $content . ' on Wikipedia" target="_blank" rel="notarget">' . $content . '</a>';

Then, simply add the shortcode Ā wikilinkĀ around any word/words that you wish to look up on Wikipedia.

For example….

The [wikilink]HTC Hero[/wikilink] runs the [wikilink]Android operating system[/wikilink].

This would then produce the following output…

The HTC Hero runs the Android operating system.

The links open in new windows (i.e. target=_blank) and I’ve set rel=nofollow – obviously you can change the above code to modify any of this.

One reply on “WordPress – Create an instant link to Wikipedia”

Awesome tip, just added it to my blog. The only downside is being careful you don’t link a piece of text that doesn’t have a wikipedia article! Really handy though.

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