ZyXEL NSA210 – Firmware fix to iTunes problem

About a month ago I blogged about some excellent customer service from ZyXEL where, after a hesitant start, they fell over themselves to help me with a problem with my recently purchased NAS.

It’s taken a month to resolve the problem, but a lot of that was due to me, but it is now fixed!

As mentioned, I was finding that iTunes wasn’t reading any contents from the in-built iTunes server. It was recognising the NAS but not listing any music from it. Over the last few weeks we’ve tried all sorts but, nothing worked. In the end, ZyXEL gathered enough information to be able to recreate the problem themselves and created a firmware update, which they provided exclusively to me.

According to their own readme file it changes the following…

  1. Upgrade itunes firefly mediaserver to
  2. Fix: itunes server not able to work when reboot
  3. Fix re-download and re-hash issue of download service

They don’t appear to have assigned a version number to it yet as the firmware level in the admin screen only changes from V3.20(AFD.0) to V3.20(AFD.0)2010Apr06, indicating the build date of 6th April 2010.

It’s a 26MB download, which then requires unzipping. From that I had a firmware .BIN file and the aforementioned “readme” text file. The upgrade process is simple and takes a few minutes.

I rebuilt my media server and iTunes has worked since.

I’ve enquired with ZyXEL as to when the firmware will be publicly available as I’m aware, from their forums, of other users with the same problems. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll update this post.

Update: The firmware I was sent is not a complete version, hence the lack of a firmware version. It should be a few months before the final, and complete, version is made available. In the meantime, I’ll enquire as to whether I can make the version that I was sent available.

Second Update: I have made the firmware available for download – please see my new post.


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  2. Can you provide a link? I have exactly the same issues.

    1. I have just had confirmation from ZyXEL that I can do this – please see my new post.

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