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Adding information to your WordPress dashboard

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Dashboard ScreenshotIf you wish to add a widget to your WordPress dashboard then that’s a different, and longer, discussion. Instead I’m going to show you how to add a simple message, of your choosing, to the “Right Now” box.

How could you use this? You could use a database lookup beforehand, for instance, to report on useful blog/theme information. I’m using it right now to report on how my competition is running – I’m performing a count on the table and reporting the output back (see image to the right).

First of all, you need to add an action for activity_box_end pointing to your new function. All of the code discussed here should be put in your theme’s functions.php file. In this example I’m pointing it to a function named show_admin_message

Within your function you then simply need to output the HTML. Here’s a complete piece of code that you can use…

This will display the text “Put your output message here” in a yellow box, with a darker yellow border. The text will be in black.

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  1. Hi is there a reason this has no effect in wp 3.0? Or is there a wrong and right place to position the code in functions.php

    thanks for a great idea to keep in touch with contributors. There is a small plugin to leave message in the New Post section, but a welcome message to new contributors is more interesting


    • No, it works fine with WP 3.0 (which I’m using now and still have the competition details displaying). Are you using the multi-user features, because I’ve not tested that.

  2. no MU, I will try it again.It can go anywhere? or best at a certain point?

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