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Finally, Dropbox, my favourite file sharing service, is available on Android!

The app is relatively simply – sign in, initially, to DropBox and you can view and scroll through your shared files and folders. Click on any to download it and launch. Files on your phone can be shared by simply going into DropBox and clicking the “Upload” option from the menu – sadly it doesn’t add any sharing ability to other apps (e.g. photo albums), so you have to go into Dropbox itself to choose the file.

You can even take pictures and videos and have them immediately saved in your Dropbox by opening the app first and using a further upload option from the menu. A nice touch.

You can also send links to files via email, to allow them to be shared with others.

Overall, it works well – quick, looks good and doesn’t appear buggy. It’s not amazingly powerful in its capabilities, but then neither is the desktop version. It just does what it’s supposed to – share files.