How to Max Out Your Mobile Internet Plan

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Often hiding behind the incorrect usage of the word “Unlimited”, all the major UK networks are not unlimited.

After O2 announced a 500MB cap this week, all the networks now have a limit. So, after some digging, here are those data limits (jn all cases they related to monthly contract plans)…

[box]3 – 500MB per month

O2 – (From) 500MB per month

Orange – 750MB per month

T-Mobile – 1GB per month (3GB per month for Android phones)

Virgin Mobile- 1GB per month

Vodafone – (From) 500MB per month[/box]

Most of the networks’ websites are a bit behind on the times and, when showing plan data, generally don’t show what internet allowance there is – Vodafone, however, shows this quite clearly. Indeed, I believe that Vodafone is the only network that doesn’t refer to their data usage as “unlimited”.

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