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Google have recently introduced a new “Rich Snippets” feature that allows you greater interactivity with the way your website results appear in their search results.

Using one of 3 formats (microdata, microformats, or RDFa) you can add “meta data” about your site which Google will then pick up on and then format your results appropriately.

They have Rich Snippets available for different scenarios, including for people and reviews. The latter, as you can imagine, I was interested in.

Google have some good documentation on Rich Snippets and, in particular, review snippets. I decided to use microformats as my format of choice, and simply added the appropriate code into my theme. Hidden from the viewer, my product review data is now made available to Google – product name, rating, reviewer name, etc.

Once done, you can test the results using a supplied testing tool.

It’s so easy, I implemented the review changes and even provided “people” information from my “About” page during my lunchtime.