Integrating MantisBT with WordPress

Recently I mentioned how I was integrating MantisBT with my blog. Well, I thought I’d release the code for anybody else to use and tinker with.


function show_mantis($paras="",$content="") {
    global $wpdb;
    // Get the ID for the current project
    $project_id=$wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare("SELECT id FROM mantis_project_table WHERE name = '".$content."' "));
    // Loop around twice, loading specific variables for each loop
    while ($loop<3) {
        if ($loop==1) {
            $category=" = 'Bug'";
            $title="Known Bugs";
        } else {
            $category="( = 'Enhancement' OR = 'Maintenance')";
            $title="Planned Enhancements";
        // Build query to look for Mantis information    
        $mantis=$wpdb->get_results("SELECT AS 'ID', summary AS 'Description' FROM mantis_bug_table a, mantis_category_table b WHERE a.project_id = ".$project_id." AND ".$category." AND a.category_id = AND a.status <> 80 AND a.status <> 90 ORDER BY");
        // Output heading 
        // Loop through and output results
        if ($mantis) {
            $output.="<p><a href="".$project_id."" target="_blank">View the roadmap</a> for ".$content."</p>";            
            foreach ($mantis as $mantis_data) {
                $output.="<li>".$desc." [<a href="".$id."" target="_blank">View</a>]</li>n";
        } else {
            if ($loop==1) {
                $output.="<p>No bugs are currently recorded.</p>";
            } else {
                $output.="<p>No enhancements are currently planned.</p>";
    return $output;


This would need adding to your functions.php file and introduced a new shortcode. Simply use [mantis]Name[/mantis] in a post or page, where Name is the project name in MantisBT.

In my code I’m displaying, separately, bugs and maintenance & enhancements (the latter two being grouped together), each with their own heading. Under each heading I also include a link to the relevant roadmap for the project.

Not surprisingly I only fetch open issues 😉

If you need any help modifying this for your own use, let me know.

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  1. Hi David,
    I have already integrated mantis bug tracker in my website,But i need single login.
    if user logins he should not login to bug tracker again.
    Can you please help me on this.

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