Is Poker and Bingo the Future of Android apps?

My earlier post about the future of gaming got me thinking.

For over a year now I’ve been earnestly intending to start developing Android Apps. That requires me to learn Java as a starter – and then onto the Android specifics. Unfortunately, time has been my enemy and I haven’t really got anywhere with it.

None-the-less, I keep my eye on the market to see if there’s an obvious “hole” where an app could be desperately needed. At the moment, games appears to be the way to get a “hit”, with few “paid for” apps being enormously popular. Certainly, this is the case in the Android market, although I believe it is different for Apple.

And after mentioning bingo and poker online, I realised that this is possibly where a big explosion in app development may occur in the future. If you look through the Android Market you’ll find few bingo or poker apps from the big online companies, and those that are there are often rated poorly. Small screens and no way of making in-app payments severely restrict their impact.

It’s only a matter of time, though, before Android (like Apple) allows in-app payments (and, indeed, is something they are working on), and with the popularity of the larger screened tablets on the increase, is this the way forward for such apps? It would surely be a lot easier to kick back at home, feet up and play these gambling games on a tablet, rather than sitting at a desktop or laptop. Not that it’s my intention to write such an app – these are probably best left for the companies already dominating the online gambling market.

Meantime, I’ll keep thinking of that ultimate “killer” app that I’ll make my fortune with. Although I suspect the first one I’ll write will simply be a mobile version of this site.


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