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So, I connect my brand new monitor (details to follow) and attempt to look at the display settings in Windows (I’m running Windows 7 64-bit to be more precise). Except all I get is a pop-up boxed titled “explorer.exe” which states “No such interface supported”.

I’d also noticed that links in the Control Panel were often not working as well.

A Google of this error talked about repairing Internet Explorer 7 using the Windows installation disk (I don’t have one as my PC came with it pre-installed). Except I’m running IE9. I uninstalled it and dropped back to IE8 but had the same problems.

As it turns out the issue is more a general explorer problem (IE and Explorer are much the same thing).

Eventually, and via a Microsoft support page, I find the answer – on the site Internet Explorer FAQ they provide a number of scripts which can be used to repair IE (IE7 and IE8 and, I’m guessing, IE9). And they worked perfectly.

Read more and download the scripts – I wasn’t sure which one I needed to I rang both the 32-on-64 and 64-on-64 scripts.