Creative ZiiO Android 2.2 Update

The day has finally arrived and Android 2.2 (Froyo) is now available for download for the Creative ZiiO 7″!

Downloadable from the Creative website, it’s a 119MB file which is installed like any other app – this download includes both the Android update plus ZiiO firmware updates. Download links are at the bottom of this post.

According to Creative the changes are as follows…

  • Upgrades the OS from Android 2.1 (Eclair) to Android 2.2 (Froyo).
  • Adds support for Text-To-Speech.
  • Adds the new Recovery mode.
  • Adds the new Amazon Kindle application (for US region only).
  • Updates the ZiiAcademy and ZiiStore applications to the latest versions.
  • In the Browser application, you can now set User Agent to Desktop or Mobile.
  • Allows application data to be moved from the system storage to the device media storage if the application supports it.
  • Updates the User Guide to reflect new features.
  • Adds eight additional language translations (Danish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish) for the User Guide.

Nothing particularly stand-out, other than being able to installs apps on media storage. However, a quick look at the Froyo upgrade list also shows that we should be looking forward to a faster, more optimised, experience and the ability to run Flash.

Before installation, be aware of the following…

  • After installing this firmware, you will not be able to downgrade back to the previous firmware.
  • If you are currently using a live wallpaper, it will be reset after installing this firmware. Shortcuts and widgets on the Home panel will also be reset. You will need to reselect the wallpaper and add the items and widgets back to the Home panel.
  • Before you install this firmware:
    1. Back up the tablet contents.
    2. Delete current widgets on the Home panel so that the upgraded widgets can take effect.
    3. Ensure that your ZiiO’s battery level is at 25% or higher.
    4. Use Task Manager to close all applications.

I have to say, the upgrade process is really smooth – everything is explained on-screen as you go through it and it took less time for the upgrade to install (about 5 minutes) than it took to download it!

Once complete, I was presented with a reset Home screen. Next to the X-fi bar is now a Task Manager widget, which shows the number of running apps and a shortcut to the Task Manager app. But that’s about it – the ZiiO is already quite nippy so I haven’t, as yet, noticed any speed improvements.

Amazon Kindle has been installed (I wonder how much Creative were paid for that one – especially as the ZiiO comes with its own book reading app!).

I then installed Flash Player 10.2 (a 4.2 MB download) and headed off to YouTube – works great. The recent launched iPlayer app only works with Android 2.2 but is a little harder to find without the Android Marketplace. However, I did, and that too works too – unfortunately I’m on a slow wi-fi right now so can’t test it properly.

All-in-all, a nice and easy upgrade process which I’m sure over time will be beneficial – nothing too obvious to see right now, but that’s probably a good thing!


There are separate download depending on your current ZiiO firmware level. You can check the firmware version by tapping Settings > About. The firmware version is displayed under Build Number.

Download Android 2.2 (for firmware versions 1.00.27 and 1.00.28)

Download Android 2.2 (for firmware versions 1.00.13)

Download Flash

Download BBC iPlayer App


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