Wazala launches a mobile optimised e-commerce store

Wazala, a startup in the e-commerce business, has launched a new feature – Wazala Touch. This automatically enables a mobile phone optimised shopping experience on iPhone andAndroid handsets (without the need of any downloads to get it to work!). This features costs no more and is now integrated into their standard e-commerce package.

Wazala is designed to integrate with an existing site. You simply need to add some kind of “shop” button to your site and then, without leaving your site, they can easily purchase items.

Here’s a good example. Visit the Silkfactory website. If you move your cursor to the top right a shopping basket drop-down will appear. This has been added to the site automatically via Wazala. Now click on their “Online Shop” option. A window superimposes over the top where you can shop and purchase your goods (and it integrates perfectly with providers such as PayPal and Google Checkout). It’s really well done and is a superb solution to adding e-commerce to an existing site.

With prices starting at $9.99 a month for small businesses, this seems an ideal solution.

Not yet convinced? Try their own demo store, their sample stores or read their “buzz”. To try out Wazala Touch, try their aforementioned demo store on your phone!


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