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I’ve just got off the phone to Argos customer services as I queried an issue that I’ve come across twice in the last couple of weeks.

In the first instance I’d reserved a camera from their website. It was selling at £80.90. However, when I went into store to collect (using my reservation number) they attempted to charge me about £130. I pointed out the discrepancy and they checked on a nearly computer (in preference to their till) – they confirmed my reservation price and charged my the £80.90.

This week I reserved a child’s slide for £24.99. In store they tried to charge me £29.99 until I pointed out the price difference. Again, they checked their PC and charged me the original reservation price.

I spoke to the manageress and she said that the issue was that the till only shows the current in-store price.

Today I spoke to customer services and they confirmed this was the case. The till doesn’t know I reserved it at a different price. It was recommended to me that I should always tell them in this situation if the price is different.

Really? Is it really up to me to tell them they’re attempting to over-charge me? Shouldn’t it be policy in-store for reservations to check the reserved price? Apparently, it’s not but they will look into it.

So, if you reserve an item at Argos, check the price you’re charged when you pick it up! I should also add that if the price goes down in store, it’s probably not worth mentioning it 😉

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