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Building on from their success in the United States and Canada, Emerge Technologies is bringing their ReTrak brand of all retractable accessories to the UK, launching in June.

The entire 70 product ReTrak range comes with retractable cables and Emerge have found a solution to the bulky UK plug –  the world’s smallest folding plug named the “ThinPlug”.

Products with integrated ThinPlug design will include a universal Laptop and Netbook charger and 4 and 5-in-1 products. These will offer wall, car and sync in one compact unit, such as the iPod and iPad combo charge unit.

To me, these sound excellent – often the most bulky part of any “gadget” these days is the UK plug on the end of the charger!

ReTrak products start at £9.99 for a set of retractable headphones up to £89.99 for a 90 watt retractable notebook charger which fits 7,000 different notebooks.