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The pocket video camera Creative Vado HD is available from Amazon at the price of £55.90 (P&P of £4.23).

It has garnered quite a few positive reviews. Even the negative points, however, can be ignored when you consider the current selling price – it has a RRP of £179.99!

It has 8GB of memory (not expandable, but enough to hold 2 hours of video), records at 720p resolution, a 2″ screen, HDMI connection and a built-in USB connector. It comes with a  silicon case and editing software.

Why so cheap? Simply because it’s not a current model. It’s still supported by Creative, however, and if buying one the first thing I’d do is head to their site and download the latest firmware and applications.

But that doesn’t stop it from being a bargain – if you’re in the market for a pocket video camera, I’d get one now!