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In a quick break from the tech for a moment, I just wanted to comment on today’s news about the UK TV rights to the Formula One.

For those unaware, the BBC and Sky Sports will broadcast Formula 1 in the UK between 2012 and 2018. All of this has happened before the BBC’s contract expires after the 2013 season.

From next year Sky Sports will show every race, qualifying session and practice live and BBC Sport will broadcast half the races live, as well as the qualifying and practice sessions from those races.

Now, I’m not a sporty person and I don’t watch it either, but I don’t mind watching F1 and there’s something particularly nice and watching a live race in its entirety on a Sunday. To hear that I’ll now only be able to enjoy half is annoying. I’m not a Sky subscriber and, if I was, I certainly wouldn’t be able to justify a monthly extra subscription to the Sports channel just for the sake of every other F1 race.

I think it was summed up nicely by this joke from SniffPetrol

Make the next GP feel like it’s on Sky by throwing £30 away and then turning your TV off every 10 minutes.

And, more seriously, they also took the opportunity to produce some interesting statistics, for all those who are saying that the BBC had to do this to save money…

Alleged cost of F1 rights per year: £45m. Alleged cost of moving BBC depts (including Sport) to Salford: £900m

Approximate cost of F1 rights per year: £45m. Approximate cost of BBC3 per year: £115m. Re-runs of Two Pints Of Lager all round!


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  1. Bill johnson avatar
    Bill johnson

    Having watched Fi since the fifties, I was flabergasted the BBC could let their outstanding FI team down .Where do they fit into this crass contract,only bean counters could have devised?Why dont the sponcers become vocal,and use their muscle to overturn this contract,and finance a return to a BBC production team ,unique in F1 broadcasting worldwide ,which must be good for their companies world wide
    I have a sky card, but I wont be a happy FI veiwer if the BBC team disband.They are the best.


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