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Pogoplug have now released a new device, Pogoplug Mobile. Looking like a tiny Pogoplug Pro, this is designed for sharing files with a mobile device – phone or tablet.

It connects to your router and has both a USB port and card reader built in. Plug in a card, USB stick or hard drive and you can access and stream information to and from your device.

Costing £59.99 this is a cheaper alternative to the Pogoplug Pro, but obviously has a more limited set of features. What’s not obvious at the moment, however, is what is and isn’t possible. Can you access the files on computers using the Pogoplug desktop client, for instance? Can you view your files online using the My Pogoplug site?

Even without any of those features at the very least this will allow you to remotely access your files on your mobile device and, to me, seems an excellent buy.