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Connecting a Samsung Galaxy S2 to an iGo/ThinkOutside Stowaway keyboard

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I bought an iGo (ThinkOutside) Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard some years ago to go with my Nokia N95. However, since getting rid of the Nokia I’ve not had a device that would support it. However, after some tinkering I’ve managed to get my Galaxy S2 to connect to it.

Here’s how it’s done…

  • Open up the Stowaway and hold down Ctrl, Fn and Fn at the same time. The LED above the letter T should start flashing
  • On your Samsung ensure Bluetooth is active and within the Bluetooth settings select “Search for devices”.
  • After a short while the keyboard should appear on the list – select it.
  • A Bluetooth pairing request screen should appear (see image to the right). This asks you to enter a PIN – this pin is the number at the end in quotes.
  • On the Stowaway keyboard hold down Fn and type the numbers in. Finish with Enter.

The keyboard is now connected and every time you open up the keyboard in future and press a key, assuming Bluetooth is enabled on the phone, they should now connect.

The only issue you’ll experience is with key mappings. Letters and numbers work, as does the Enter key. You can move around the screen using the arrow keys without a problem. Numlock doesn’t work, nor does any of the shortcut options. Here are additional keys that do work…

  • Back – Fn and Tab
  • Home – Fn and Arrow left
  • Switch off / on – Fn and Arrow right

My final point is that although I’ve only tried this on my S2, there are probably other Android devices this works with – although Google say this will be different from phone to phone (more to do with the hardware support rather than just the OS).


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  1. Just paired it with my new Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus that jsut came out last month..and it worked!glad was able to use the Thinkoutside Keyboard after 5 years in storage…

  2. i have samsung sii and igo keyboard. i have tried to connect and can pair devices but they wont connect. is there anything i can do to get them connected.

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