Are the iPad 3 cracks already appearing?

Not literally mind you.

Users of the iPad 3 (sorry, New iPad) are reporting a much reduced battery life than expected and problems with over-heating.

The latter doesn’t cause any problems other than a very warm or hot section of the back case.

As you know, the battery life on the New iPad is supposed to be the same as that on the iPad 2. However, users are complaining that it drains quicker, particularly when using them intensively – such as playing games. Of course this is probably due to these drawing more use from the new chipset.

With regard to the heating problem some users are reporting that proper draining and recharging seems to resolve this. It would appear that many new owners, keen to try it out, didn’t perform the requested initial charge and the battery is not working efficiently.

In all cases it’s too early to tell exactly what the problem (or cure) is and there’s no official word from Apple.

Oh, and to the person complaining that it takes longer to charge the New iPad – it’s a bigger battery, what did you expect?

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