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Having recently reviewed the WordPress plugins that are available to assist with the current cookie legislation I was dismayed to find a lack of anything simple that would be list out the shortcodes on a site, yet provide some flexibility.

So, I’ve written something.

Add the code below to the functions.php file in your theme folder and then use the following shortcode in a post or page…


Simple, eh? This will list all the site’s cookies along with their values. Two further options are available…

[cookies novalue]

This will now output the cookie values.

[cookies] ==> [/cookies]

By providing a value between opening and closing shortcodes you can override the text that is used to separate the cookie name and the value.

Posted by David Artiss

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4 Replies to “WordPress function to list site cookies”

  1. Thank you, David!

    That’s exactly what I was looking for.


  2. Thank you, you are a star. Was looking for exactly this and could not find it anywhere.


  3. Hello, I’ve tried the script but it shows only 3 cookies of the 8 (I’m logged in)


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  5. Thanks – some re-coding to sort out a small bug

    * Display a list of cookies on WordPress
    * @param string $atts – attributes
    * @param string $content
    * @return string
    function get_cookies( $atts = ”, $content = ” ) {
    $atts = shortcode_atts(
    ‘novalue’ => 0, //0 – false, 1 – true
    ‘separator’ => ‘ : ‘
    $cookie = $_COOKIE;
    ksort( $cookie );
    $out = ”;
    foreach ( $cookie as $key => $val ) {
    $out .= ” . $key;
    $out .= !$atts[‘novalue’]? $atts[‘separator’] . $val: ”;
    $out .= ”;
    $out .= ”;
    return $out;
    add_shortcode( ‘cookies’, ‘get_cookies’ );


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