and why you should avoid them is a company promising to provide free products for review purposes. Okay, they don’t say EVERYONE will get something but at least you could be in with a chance. I get enough products from companies, agencies and my own pocket to keep me busy but thought, as a lot of these companies can be “too good to be true” to see what happens. Sadly, it was worse than I could have imagined.

Currently they are offering iPhone 4S’s and are heavily promoting this with a Google+ and Facebook presence. Visiting their site you have to initially provide some contact details which they insist on – particularly a mobile number so they can “contact you if you are successful”. You are then presented with pages and pages of free offers to sign up for or questions to answer (most of which, inevitable, lead to more questions in the hope of getting you to sign up for something else). I was very careful and ensured I signed up for NOTHING. 10 minutes later I’d finished it and was told I could claim £20 from another site. I passed on this.

Within minutes I’d received a spam email and within hours I’d received 2 spam text as well. The company themselves have also sent me 2 emails even though I unsubscribed after the first one was received.

The next day I received a cold call asking me about my broadband supplier. I refused and told them I didn’t speak to cold callers. They stated they weren’t because they’d received my details from (I should add that cold calling is, by definition, a call that was not asked for. Which I hadn’t). They were rude and refused to remove my contact details from their database.
How did this happen?

We do outline in the Privacy Policy- that your data maybe shared with 3rd parties. When signing up you do have to check a box to acknowledge acceptance of these terms.

So, they’re going to hand your details over to anyone they feel like anyway. Why bother giving the options on the survey and not sign us up to everything anyway? Indeed, their policy states…

By registering and entering your details you consent to us, our clients and selected third parties sending you information by email, post, SMS or telephone about products and/or services that have been selected based on your stated interests. You will also be contacted via phone by either O2, Talktalk, Vodafone or Prizestore.

The link to this, confusingly along with their “Terms”, is a tick box on the initial screen where you enter your first name and an email address. On all further screens there is no link.

It’s my fault, yes? It was clearly in their policy, which they linked to. Except, when you’ve gone through pages of having to turn down being contacted by third parties you’d think that would be it – how many people genuinly look through pages of terms and conditions before doing anything?

I’ve spoken to them on Google+ about this and they simply quote the fact that it’s in their privacy policy, as if that makes it all right. That makes it fine to be spammed by email and phone and to be phoned by rude, pushy individuals? If Google updated their T&Cs for Gmail so that anyone signing up received this treatment do you really think that would be deemed to be acceptable? Or would you expect some clarity and for a company not to hide practises which, let’s be honest, people don’t like in the small print. Indeed everyone I’ve spoken to have been horrified by the fact that they do this.

I requested that they remove my details from their database and they provided me with an email address that immediately bounced. However, I then used, which is shown on their website, and they responded to this one, stating they would remove my details. A week later, though, I continued to get mails from them.

Things took a turn for the worst, though, after I spoke to an angry customer on their Google+ page as it would appear that the company are sending out emails suggesting that they have actually won an iPhone.

I hope this makes your day, you have been selected test and keep the new iPhone 4S.

This is what you need to do once you have done so we can proceed:
– Sign up now and enter your details and complete the questionnaire.
– Use the product for 7 days and write a thorough review.
– Keep the product for your own use for ever!

All the best,

It then directs them to perform the survey – I’ve removed the URL from the email as it will probably identify the source but it does take you to the front page where it does state “if you’re chosen”. Of course, if you’ve got there by clicking on email stating that you have been you would think nothing of it.

The email is sent from Paul Knapp, the owner of Submission Technology, the company behind

The above was taken from their Google+ page, however the original email was forwarded to me and I can confirm that it is genuine. A one-off? Here’s another.

You have been specifically chosen to test the all new ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ with the Samsung GALAXY SIII!

What is ice cream sandwhich you may ask?

Well it’s the brand new android operating system for phones, we need you to tell us if it’s good or not!

We will give you the Samsung GALAXY SIII so YOU can test the phone and new android system!

Also you get to keep the phone for your own use once you have told us your thoughts!

What are you waiting for? Register today!

Now, I’m no lawyer but I think this is stating that the receiver has won the product, even when they haven’t. We’ve now gone from morally questionable activities to a question of legality. To add insult to injury, I’m also told that the emails they send out no longer have an unsubscribe option too.

I got in contact with the company, who stated they were willing to answer my questions, and I sent them a long list of question. Sadly, they answered few of them but, instead, sent me the following…

We were disappointed to see that you regarded us as spam in your first post but we appreciate your feedback we are regulating our 3rd parties more stringently now.

Product testers and products are selected at random on a weekly basis, we frequently give out products you can see the reviews here: . We receive the reviews to publish on to our site and our social media pages, they are 100% genuine reviews which help consumers gather an accurate description of the product.

This doesn’t tell us anything other than what we already know. There has, though, been a mild success…

We are currently going through a redevelopment of Product Testing and are excited to announce the user journey will be improved. This is also following on from our own user feedback we have received.

People can sign up to Product Testing by entering their first name and e-mail address on the sign up page for each individual product, on this page they can also agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policy which both state we work with third parties.

I say “mild” because all this seems to me is a change to clarify the T&Cs more up-front. Otherwise, their business model is the same.

If you’d like to learn more about how their business model works and how to find “genuine” ways to get free products for review, please read my follow-up article on the subject.

114 responses

  1. gary farrar avatar
    gary farrar

    I got this one in my inbox from the same product testing it reads>

    “Gary, You have been selected to test and keep the iPhone 4S.”

    So i did all the filling in 15mins worth of saying no no no no no, 2 mins after my inbox add 3 emails from them ( in my spam folder).
    But to read the heading> Gary, “You have been selected to test and keep the iPhone 4S.” one would say that you have got one and just need to fill in your details and hay presto, But no, this kind of email are missleading and should be stoped, although i will be contacting them and asking when will you be sending my iphone 4s??, but to all other readers STAY CLEAR OF EMAILS SAYING POSSIBLE WINNER OF ” ” has your inbox may get filled up with spam emails that you do not want.
    I allso get about 7 to 10 a week emails saying i have wone the lotery £1.0000.00, or your email was selected as a winner of” ” And the list goes on and on, But to summit up if you did not enter then you cannot winn.
    Thanks for reading

    1. if i change the name, email, phone number, and house address for my product tester account, would they still know where my house is and my number?

      1. Then, what’s the point? If you are one of those who they want to send a product to, they’ll have the wrong details.

  2. Thank you for your insightful post – I have had two emails from this company regarding a free iPhone4. I was in two minds, thought “maybe it’s a legitimate site as it has a ending” but also thought no-one gives anything away for free, there is always a catch.

    I am naturally dubious about any emails that ask me to click on them and promise to give away expensive items like this, so I did a google search and this site was one of those that came up.

    Now I know to delete the emails and not to bother. Thank you!

  3. Cheers for this. i did exactly the same as Shaz. i was unsure if I might have entered a competition, especially as they misspelt my name in thesame way that i give to some sites.

  4. Anyone thought of complaining to either the Information Commissioner’s Office or the ASA? I’m a little rusty on this, but I know that email marketing has to be OPT IN, and you have to have the clear opportunity to opt out. Also if you opt out and they continue to market to you that’s a breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) 2003.

    I found this blog as a result of receiving one of their emails which seemed too good to be true. Thanks for the article as it confirms that it is!

  5. HI,

    I was wondering, you mention that you are sent stuff from companies and agencies to trial already. How would I get in contact with these legitimate testing companies?


    1. Companies are happy to send samples for review assuming you have a good quality site that is already demonstrating appropriate review content. You can either approach companies directly or PR companies. Or wait and they’ll soon contact you once your site gets recognised.

      When I first created this site I was reliant on my own products – once readership and interested grew I was approached by a company directly. The best thing to do is to make yourself open to PR news release, etc, and blog about these. Make sure those companies know what you’re doing and show an interest. From that product reviews should occur.

      There’s no golden answer to this and, I’ll admit, the direct approach to companies has rarely worked for me.

  6. sheridan avatar

    Thank you for this web site David.

    I like the others above received an email and was very tempted but thought, wait a minute, so i did a search for reviews on the company and ‘voila!’

    I get enough SPAM to last a lifetime, I just want the ‘phone’ if they’re offering it!

    Oh well.

    Keep up the good work and thank you all for your comments!

  7. Rob Hibbert avatar
    Rob Hibbert

    Hi all.

    I’m here to state that is a completely genuine company. I too thought it wasn’t genuine but then I was selected to receive a new iPad to test and review and then keep ( I am typing on it for this!!)

    Just to confirm I do not work for them and am a genuine reviewer. Check out my pic and review on their Facebook page if you don’t believe me.

    I must have submitted 10+ questionnaire responses before I was selected. I also checked no to every offer as I didn’t want to receive cold calls and to date I haven’t received any!

    You just have to keep trying I’m afraid.

    1. Rob,

      I have no doubt that they do indeed send these products out to a few select people. I’ve never questioned this. My entire article was about them spamming me, without request, by hiding it deep within their T&Cs.


    2. Jason Judge avatar
      Jason Judge

      I’ve seen the “review”, and it looks more like an advert for Product testing than a review for the iPad. The review is poorly written, and has no useful substance, but is at pains to point out – several times – that Product Testing is not a scam honest.

      I’m bombarded with crap from this website, have never opted in, and there is no visible way to opt out. That breaks the law, and in that respect alone, makes it pretty much a scam in my books.

      1. Sorry Jason, I didnt know you were related to Shakespeare.

        I guess I’m not as experienced as you in writing online blogs etc as I have better things to do with my time than prattle on to other like minded people like yourself who are an insignificant number

        1. If you’ve been following their Google+ page you’ll see we are more than “an insignificant number”. It appears that the only people saying nice things about this company, apart from the staff, are the odd 1 or 2 who have actually been chosen to receive products.

          Insulting those choosing to discuss a company that sends out spam, hides behind a T&Cs document and even sends out emails stating that people have won a product when they haven’t, is just rude. What we’re doing certainly isn’t “prattling” and a waste of time, but warnings others of all of the above.

          1. So Its ok for one of your number to insult me then is it?

            Im nothing but a genuine user of producttesting and was merely commenting that they arent a scam website as I had received a product which, according to your sad friend above, abused me for writing a poor review on.

            Sorry for not being a well educated computer geek, i guess ill just have to ask the government whether they still want me to work for them as i’m obviously too thick to hold down the very important job that i do!!

          2. “One of my number”. What does that mean?

            Jason never “abused” you – I’d suggest you look the word up. He said the article you wrote wasn’t to a very high standard and I’d back that up – it wasn’t. I think you’re confusing “abuse” with “criticism”.

            However, calling him my “sad friend” and then sarcastic remarks about not being a computer geek, that is insulting.

        2. Jason Judge avatar
          Jason Judge

          I don’t know what you are prattling on about, but a poorly written “review” is still a poorly written review. Why are you comparing people to Shakespeare and getting all sarcastic about it? We aren’t.

          The fact that this scam company has chosen what you have written as a review that they use to sell their product, is just confirmation to me that they are really not worth dealing with.

          Don’t take it so personally. They have used you, and now you just have to take the hit. You have been chosen as the fall-guy, and you accepted.

          I’m happy to learn and improve, and I don’t make excuses for what I am not good at. Try it. You never know where it might take you. But please don’t expect the world to owe you pat on the back just because your words were used.

          — Jason

          1. Janette Thatcher avatar
            Janette Thatcher

            Ibet robs one of the bots employed by product testing on giving my details to product testing I have been plagued by emails from every company under the sun also cold calls my emails have gone from none existent to at least 20 a day get lost product testing your driving me mad

        3. This was in 2012. I’m curious if you have since received any products for free from them or was all that effort and perhaps continued effort on your part only for the one time receipt of an actual product from them. What have you received from them to test SINCE the ipad?

    3. to be true , i am aslo not Shakespeare, but this stupid website is pissing me off by sending spam emails everyday
      I even notified them and clicked unsubscribe but they keep on sending email

  8. Elke Schluter avatar
    Elke Schluter

    Hi ev1

    I only can tell you all who don’t believe that this product testing web site company is a honest and best product testing company I ever had to do with. I got a £100 Asda voucher bot long ago, and you can read my review on FaceBook and on Product testing Blog.
    1 I thought it is a scam too because there are some black sheep on the internet, But again this is a real honest and great company and if you have not been chosen jet to test something it is because there are lots of people who want to get test products. Keep replaying on Face book and you will get a test product in future.

  9. Elke Schluter avatar
    Elke Schluter

    Oh ps about spamming, you can still unsubscribe from their emails and I only get emails with test products offers, competition or survey sites where you can really make some money. I find this emails very useful

    1. Yes, you can unsubscribe but when they pass your details onto a number of third party companies you’ll potentially be doing a lot of unsubscribing. Indeed, I wasn’t talking about the emails THEY send.

    2. Jason Judge avatar
      Jason Judge

      Err, no you can’t. They still send out spam even when you “unsubscribe”.

  10. Steve Jones avatar
    Steve Jones

    I got promised a test iphone. Spent ages filling in pages of questions. I have now been deluged with spam phone calls, spam texts, and am thinking i may have to change my telephone number.

    They are a bunch of time wasting twats. If I could find them, I would sue them for the trouble I have been caused.

    1. As per a previous comment, I have to say I disagree with your initial statement – I thought it was clear that they only had a few to give out to people. However, yes, I then got deluged with spam and that, I think, is the issue. As for your final comment – their details are quite easily available, but I suspect your threat to sue was not serious anyway.


      1. they are now sending emails with no unsubscribe function which i believe is illegal they have also blocked me making comments on there posts …

        spam spam spam thats all you get ..

        1. I don’t think it’s illegal. Not nice, though.

          1. by and by main part is they are wording emails saying you have been choosen etc …

            they are jokers but i was like you also said didnt want info but still they send it

      2. latest email

        Congratulations Neil,

        You have been specifically chosen to test the all new ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ with
        the Samsung GALAXY SIII!

        What is ice cream sandwhich you may ask?

        Well it’s the brand new android operating system for phones, we need you to tell
        us if it’s good or not!

        We will give you the Samsung GALAXY SIII so YOU can test the phone and new
        android system!

        Also you get to keep the phone for your own use once you have told us your

        What are you waiting for? Register today!

  11. Thanks David – Gmail put their “you have been selected test and keep the new iPhone 4S” email straight into my spam folder, but like others I wondered if it might be genuine. Your article confirms that Gmail has the right idea. Cheers.

    1. BTW it was them who left out the ‘to’ in “… selected test …” in the email; I just copied/pasted it. Not a good start.

  12. C Stanley avatar
    C Stanley

    Thank you so much. Your information has been invaluable. I received the email from producttesting today and normally I delete all of these type of messages, but just for one minute, I considered opening it up (I view all emails through “view message source” and never open them if I don’t know who they are because of all the dogdy emails out there.

  13. I received the ‘Ice cream sandwich’ one today. 5 times. So I emailed the info@ address they provided and told them to stop. I then received the email a 6th time, as if they were mocking me.

    I have their postal address. I think I’m going to go over there with all my junk mail, kebab menus and assorted household, paper based garbage (including an old binbag) and drop it all over reception…

    Anyone coming?

    Follow me – Twitter @thehanvinator

    1. gary farrar avatar
      gary farrar

      I will, and take my bin bags as i got loads from them saying the same, please let me know when you are going?

  14. Webbins avatar

    I too have just received the Galaxy SIII ‘specifically chosen’ email, despite having never registered with Suspecting it to be too good to be true, a quick Google search brought me here.

    The concensus is to steer clear then? I’ve only just got a Lumia 800 so the attraction is not for a new phone but everybody loves free shiny shiny!

    1. I’d steer clear unless you like spam, cold calls and disappointment.

  15. John Simpson avatar
    John Simpson

    This company is bordering on the criminal with their dubious activities. if they were based in the USA, the directors would be facing up to 25 years each in jail! Unfortunately we are a little weak in the UK when it comes to protecting innocent people from scum like these 🙁

    Don’t be tempted by their ads, actually Gmail does filter out their emails and places them automatically in the spam bin where they belong. If you are being spammed by them as a result of registering there seems to be very little that you can do, only wait for some new legislation to jail these cyber bandits!

  16. Karin Schnabel avatar
    Karin Schnabel

    Is there an option to change your e-mail address in their database? if yes, put their own e-mail address in it, they won’t be able to unsubscribe themselves!

  17. Be extremely careful with the third parties. Cold calling is defined as someone who has no prior relationship calling you. Agreeing to contact with bla bla group and associates defines a relationship and so they are allowed to call you.
    No point arguing with the 6 pounds per hour agent, they unaware of the laws and have some mananger breathing down their neck.

  18. At first sight looked genuine but as usual I googled the name and…Thanks for the warning.

  19. Avoid producttesting-uk-com like the plague

  20. Christine avatar

    hello. I am so worried. I never answer these emails, but thought I would try and get a good phone for my grand daughter (I am 68). what did worry me and I should have stopped there and then, was the fact I could not open their privacy policy and terms. I then returned their email asking why, but that oo bounced back.
    Foolishly I did complete the ever ending survey putting no to everything, but straight away got two texts which I deleted immediately for fear of being charge or whatever.
    So I will watch my emails too and delete accordingly. They will get fed up in the end surely.
    thank you for all your advice, I wish I had read your site before committing myself.

  21. Hi, thanks for this article. I have begun product research and been watching them closely for a consumer piece on my blog, and Googled around to see if others have had any troubles with them. I do think that they appear to be part of a long line of companies, that whilst maybe not quite classed as a scam, are very misleading and not very proper with their way of acting, service wise. I and many of your readers maybe too, fed up with receiving emails where in the itle it say you have one this or that, you will be given this, ect only for it to be a disappointing piece of marketing trickery. Ill keep watching and researching this company, but their are defiantly somethings misleading about them, and if you sign up to that free £20 offer, it just signs you up to a cashback site, where it deposits £20 into your account, but you need about £100 to be able to cashout-hardly a free twenty quid!

  22. i signed up asked me for mt mobile number i was in 2 minds but decided to put it down half way through answering the questions i got 2 text witch i didnt sign upto? will i be charged?

    1. Unless you responded to it, you won’t be charged, but you might find you get regular spam emails as a result.


  23. nev knight avatar
    nev knight

    go on sign up and put in the phone number of a ppi firm

  24. Just out of interest, I googled the ‘Product Testing UK’ address post-code (ME14 5PP) and it came up as a ‘Conference and Banqueting’ business –

    The business is called ‘TURKEY MILL’ – after reading this blog it looks like that’s a very apt name !

    1. Ashley Bland avatar
      Ashley Bland

      Turkey mill is a very small and quite exclusive “industrial estate/office space” there is more than one business there, I grew up in maidstone and anyone renting office space there is minted, the sad thing is I know a paul knapp in maidstone that works in marketing, I’m hoping its not the same one!!

  25. Thanks for this. I’m always super skeptical about these kind of things, which is why I checked it out first. Glad I did. I get enough spam texts and emails as it is, without them being added to by these guys!A

  26. Like many previous comments I have just had an email promising me a MacBook Air after 7 days testing I can keep …….. So obviously I’m gonna sign up straight away……… NOT.
    And having googled the company I too found this blog as the first on the results page so cheers Dave
    Like the idea of posting a PPI companies details though , get your own back LOL

    1. mark eales avatar
      mark eales

      Hi guys, only recently came across your site and have to say that I seem to have found a lively conversation to stumble upon. Surly the basic question to ask is why? That is why would companies want to give out items as well established such as iPhones and Mac Books. These are not new products to the market that require product testing or reviewing. I am sure that one or two “lucky” people will receive an item, to keep the site legal. But the truth I am sure is that this is just a company looking for contact details for 3rd parties to the follow up on for future sales. The purchasing of contact databases is expensive, far cheaper to give away the odd phone. This way they not only get cheap contact information, but they can also sell the information on as well.

  27. This firm is not listed in the Company House database. This should immediately alert one to something being amiss.

    Spamming is illegal and companies have been prosecuted. If you feel strongly about it, complain to the Information Commissioner’s office. If enough people do so, maybe action will be taken.

    I am glad that I came across this blog. I was being offered £70 worth of free Sainsbury petrol and that immediately jumped out at me as being too good to be true. No established company will give things away like this to all and sundry.

    I was perfectly right in deciding to carry out independent research.

  28. I’ve read all the above with interest, as am currently enjoying making these scammers lives as “interesting” as possible. Anyway, after a little research I have found the following:- is a website address used as a trading style of

    Submission Technology Limited, Registered in England No. 4456811
    © 2003 – 2013 Submission Technology Limited.
    All rights reserved. Registered under the Data Protection Act. Registration No. PZ7981900

    T +44 (0)20 7183 1653
    F +44 (0)16 2275 3358

    Their website says

    About us

    We were founded in 2003 when we launched, the first cashback incentive site in the UK. Since then we never looked back and the company has developed an extensive portfolio of web properties that generate hundreds of thousands of leads and tens of millions of retail sales each month.

    Our office which is based in Kent is where we house specialist staff with over 50 years of collective Internet Marketing experience. We are ready to unleash our knowledge with our expert technical team who turn ideas into reality and our exemplary customer support team is always available to help.

    Our technology is new, it’s fresh and at the forefront of innovation! So if you’re an established brand with big budgets or a start up company exploring new ways to develop your business, we are positioned to deliver the results you require.

    Now – when you consider they have 38 staff listed and 50 collective years of internet marketing, even taking out those not involved in marketing say half – then that is still not a massively experienced team……I’ve got over 25 years experience in my field on my own!!!!

    It also appears that they made an application to voluntarily wind up the business last September which they then revoked 10 days later…….were they on the verge of bankruptcy?, and received additional funding at the last minute…..mind you – they only have a called up share capital of £4.00 …… that means there are still 96 ordinary shares of £1.00 each still available…..

    Oh – and by the way, their direct e-mail addresses are in the format –, which may be useful if people are still getting scammed.

    FYI – I came across these people by messing about with a Facebook scam page again promising free lives for candy crush (no I do not play it, but got fed up with my timeline getting filled up with people sharing this page willy nilly in desperate hope, and getting nothing……I’m now banned from commenting on the page……Interestingly the launch page URL’s you are asked to click as part of the signup process are registered in Russia or Albania. isn’t though:-
    Domain ID:CNIC-DO832202
    Created On:2012-01-18T10:10:28.0Z
    Last Updated On:2013-02-19T18:13:25.0Z

    Domain name:

    Submission Technology Ltd

    Registrant type:

    Registrant’s address:
    41 Bourne Road
    DA5 1LW
    United Kingdom

    Webfusion Ltd t/a 123-reg [Tag = 123-REG]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 08-Jul-2002
    Expiry date: 08-Jul-2014
    Last updated: 08-Jul-2012

    Registration status:
    Registered until expiry date.

    Name servers:

    WHOIS lookup made at 08:13:48 19-Jun-2013
    Expiration Date:2014-01-18T23:59:59.0Z
    Registrant ID:MNT12321778726
    Registrant Name:Identity Protection Service
    Registrant Organization:Identity Protect Limited
    Registrant Street1:PO Box 795
    Registrant City:Godalming
    Registrant State/Province:Surrey
    Registrant Postal Code:GU7 9GA
    Registrant Country:GB
    Registrant Phone: +44.1483307527
    Registrant FAX:+44.1483304031

    registered thru (who I’ve used in the past)

    Sorry for the length – but I’m off to send Paul Knapp and Neil Durrant some e-mails now …….

    1. Sorry – my bad – their e-mails are

  29. Thank you for taking the time out to write this post. After googling when I saw this “offer” in my inbox I realised just why I have been receiving so many cold calling calls in the last year or so..

  30. Phew! Thank goodness for this article, REALLY glad I decided to search for this company before signing up to them. Sounds like I’ve had a bit of a lucky escape – can you believe this site is being advertised on a student offers website?

  31. Hi,

    I’d like to echo jojo and Ash’s comments above.
    I always do research on offers that look to good to be true because the vast majority of the time they are but this is the first time one of my searches has pulled up this site.
    I had my suspicions about product testing uk which turned out to be warranted from most sites I use. It appears the surveys people get are cleverly written so that it is easy to miss certain fields and therefore accept to opt in to mailing from third parties.
    Keep up the good work David. The good people on the net need people like you to help them stay out of trouble. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mac. I will report on injustices wherever I see them 😉

      And, as an update, I’m still receiving emails from the company to this day, even after the promises of removal from their email list.

  32. Thanks for your post. You just saved me from this spam.
    Luckily during registering I got suspicious why they want me to select some companies that “might interest me”. Then I typed in their website and the word “scam” in google and you came up! I closed their site immediately, hopefully they didn’t record my details if my registration was not finished!

    1. I was on the first page to register with them when I remembered my ‘golden rule’ … Google any company I don’t know before I give them my information. So I googled ‘Scam’ and you popped up! Sorry to hear about your experience, but I closed the page before pressing the ‘send’ button.

      There are legitimate mystery shopper companies though.

    2. even if people don’t Google the company it should be clear when its a scam, and that is by the fact it doesn’t let you leave options blank. at least by UK law an individual has the right to not answer a question, as soon as you try that there it claims all answer are necessary which is total bull. the only must answer questions are those that make key defining points or values in a database.

  33. They now advertise their “opportunities” on job sites with the title:
    Part Time Testers Wanted – Become A Part Time Mystery Shopper‎

    Under the too good to be true principle, I searched the internet and found this thread. Thank god I did!

  34. Paul Knapp…. mmmm
    This name seems to appear quite a lot on loads of scams across the web… being one of a list of many, this guy should be put in prison.

  35. Yeah that was very silly of me not to research them first. I’m usually not this dumb.

    Luckily I gave them a disposable email address (I’m not completely stupid) but I also gave them my real postal address and mobile number :/
    I stopped when it started getting fishy – “answer these questions, all of which are offers we want to sign you up for”, HMMMMMM – and haven’t submitted the full thing or confirmed my email address. But I’m guessing it’s too late now in terms of getting postal and phone spam? Not good.

  36. Thanks ladies and gents, I was about to ‘look’ into their latest offer “Wanted: Mystery Shoppers For Tesco Stores” when I noticed this blog, on a well known search engine. You have saved me from a lot of headaches and heartache due to spam and unwanted texts suffered in the past. All I can say is glad I took time to read this first.


  37. Like Darran, I was just about to look into the mystery shoppers for Tesco, but being a ” doubting Thomas” I decided to scroll down the page, saw this site and am very glad I read all your comments. Will not be following this up, although I would like to be a Mystery Shopper or Product Tester. Any suggestions? Thanks for alerting us.

    1. I was a mystery shopper many years ago. I can tell you that it’s a lot of hard work for very little pay. It’s really not worth it. If you really want to go ahead, see whether the company I used still exists (Bare Associates – a foreign firm), as they were reliable and professional, despite paying a pittance. You have to have a good attention for detail and a high standard of literacy, as well as some negotiating skills.

  38. I the same Rob a few received a ipad mini to review and keep..

    Yes you do have a few junk mail but if you put that it goes to your junk box its okay but really it don’t take 2 mins to just delete the message and you got a ipad mini at the end so I don’t mind having a few emails lol is a 100% genuine!!

    1. I assume you received an iPad then? It’s odd how that the only positive reviews come from the 0.01% of people who actually got one. If you read my article you’ll know I’ve never doubted that some people do receive them – that’s never been in doubt. The issue here is that even if you state you don’t want to receive offers from these companies you still get it. That’s not on. And probably not legal.

      Also, I’d like you to read the email that was quoted and tell me whether that should be allowed – it clearly states “you have been selected test and keep the new iPhone 4S”. Wouldn’t that to anybody with an IQ above zero, suggest that you WILL get one? Except you don’t. Or rather, most won’t. A company CANNOT make statements like that.

      So, yes, I’m glad you get an iPad. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new found love of spam. The rest of us, though, don’t like being deceived.

  39. How do you get by the mobile phone issue? I e-mailed them with no response. It won’t let me register for anything without a mobile phone and all I have is a cell phone.

    1. A mobile number is the same as your cell phone number. Do they accept people from outside the UK, though?

      1. I don’t know. They accepted my supplication so I would think that they would. Can’t get them to answer me back. Have texted them several times. I was a product tester for several years and really want to start doing it again. Do you know of any other sites that offer product testing that follow thru with their offers? This has been a real disappointment to me.

  40. […] My original post, where I revealed the truth behind, has become one of the most read articles on my site and has garnered a huge amount of feedback. What’s certainly true is that the only people with something positive to say are those who’ve actually received a product to review. I always knew that they would actually be giving out products – what is clear is the methods use to confuse people into thinking they’re guaranteed to get one in exchange for signing up to a lot of spam email. Spam email, it should be noted, that is difficult to stop. […]

  41. thanks mate.. I thought something was fishy. FYI They have also put vacancy in too

  42. I’ll have u know my wife got £100 from this site to shop at Morrison’s and we’re happy with her review so wot Ur saying is a lie

    1. David avatar

      Not at all. I’ve always said that people do indeed get the prizes. Did you actually read the article before accusing someone of being a liar?


  44. Curtis avatar

    I seen them, ON A YOUTUBE AD. Yes! A YouTube ad. Thank god this site has saved me.

  45. avatar

    how to get rid of product testing… its so infuriating …messeges to confirm for lottery and prizes comes even in our phone messages like a dust bin … for example and juicy they send spam via different no. like juicywin by 60071 and 60083 whereas by 60083 …. the interesting thing you see is both the website has the same hotline no. 02035030953 .. Another interesting thing is …inorder to UNSUBSCRIBE it says type STOP and send to 60083 WHEREAS type STOP and send to 85559…….what you see here is the message of was send from no. 60071 and 60083 WHEREAS from 85559. …. can you see the fraud play !

  46. i got email saying i won iphone i stupidly signed up in march and give 5 pound via bank details. had numerous emails about my gift etc. even had email saying your bank card expired please update which i didnt cause had already paid the 5 pound

  47. I entered this site and provided my address, mobile number and email address. I’m really scared now and want to know if the spam email and cold calls ever did stop for you? Btw, after receiving an email after registering asking to validate my account I blocked the address and did not even open the email. Someone please respond, thank you.

  48. My credit card has been debited with £29 of which i have no idea what it is or where(or whom) its come from. The description is EMGServiceAps FrederiksbergDNK. When i contacted my credit card company, the lady told me that looking at this address. Quizonaut is associated to them. I actually had to pay £1 to get OFF the website/page cos nothing I did would close it. I then saw in the small print that this was a subscription which you could cancel AFTER 24hrs but within 5 days. This i did but it looks like I’ve been duped, despite them assuring me that everything had been cancelled in time, all details removed etc. Codswallop!Now it looks as if I’ll have to cancel my credit card just so that they can’t take the money again next year. Has anyone anywhere got a telephone number to contact them please?
    I’ve now got to the stage where i do not answer my house phone as i know it’s going to be one of these companies calling, despite my entering NO TO EVERYTHING & deleting my phone number wherever it appeared. They don’t care, they still ring you!

  49. Beware – circular scam.
    My wife was sucked in by the allure of “testing the new Dyson cleaner”. But just I case things were not as they seemed, we set up a code in our registration info so that we would know if our contact info was being missused. OK so they say data will be passed on to others – fair enough, even though it is buried within pages of privacy terms. What I am concerned about are the bogus phone calls we keep getting that immediately turn over to a recorded message as soon as you answer the phone. The recording applogises for missing you but then invites you to callback on the quoted number. If you perform a reverse number lookup, you will find a filing cabinate full of complaints from people being charged premium rates when they call back only to be greeted by yet another recorded message quoting “technical difficulties” as the reason they can’t take your call. It’s a circular SCAM.

    So far in the space of a week, we have received 37 nuisance calls trying to sell us products ranging from double glazing, internet packages, PPI and other financial services….even Guide Dogs for the blind held out their unwanted begging bowl. All of these items we ticked as ‘not interested in’ during their so called life style surveys.

    Now having built up a comprehensive list of barred numbers, they still continue to get through. So we have resorted to new tactics. When they ask for the name we used on the registration (part of the code we used), we say ” hang on a minute” and just lay the phone down and walk away. Funny thing is there is rarely anyone on the other end when we eventually get back to the call. This may be a bit risky if they ever find a way to charge you for receiving calls!!

    The other approach is to ask up front “what are you selling”, and the usual answer is “nothing”. Well if they are not selling, don’t know me, and were not invited to call, there’s no reason to continue!!! The message is slowly getting through and the rate of calls is slowly reducing. The people in the call centres are only doing a job and may not even be aware of the scams their bosses have set up to get your numbers, but this is the point ….they are human and even they have their breaking point. You just have to find it. I hope my number will find its way onto their barred list soon.

    We entered into the survey expecting hassel and setup messures to combat things accordingly, but please just steer clear of these misleading adds. While they possibly do hand out just enough ‘test samples’ to be legal, their business is selling your details to cold callers and justify the approaches they make to you on the strength of the Survey you completed. Please avoid these offers of product testing.

  50. I don’t know what site you guys got on but I just got selected myself for the Lazy-Spa hottub and they sent it out in 3 days. I have it set up in my kitchen today and am waiting for the water to heat up. Didn’t even pay vat, no credit card/bank details NOTHING. Seriously these guys rock. I have picture, video, etc to prove it. You can email meif you want but these guys rock! Yeah you get some spam in your spam folder and have to decline offers but it’s no big deal. Hit me up if you have questions

  51. Total scam, ask for too many personal details. Bit dodgy.

  52. Hi, i would really appreciate it if you could help me on finding out how to close my account with them? Can’t find any details unsurprisingly.

    1. Short-term fix: if with gmail, go to Settings, and in settings, Filters, then make a filter that sends all messages from them to bin.

  53. anonimus avatar

    Product testing Avoid because they keep making you do servey after servey and there is no end to this it is like you have fallen into a huge ocean and you are swimming and swimming and swimming end there is no end to this end they will keep sending you emails tons and tons of it and different surveys keep calling you try to take your money by saying they will give you free stuff all they are doing is they want you to pay empty out your bank account I think is is the biggest scumm of all And they want your mobile no so they can charge £4.50 every time they send you a massage
    And sometimes it could be £10 so avoid or you will be scummed for sure. So if they call you just tell you dont why they are calling and you dont want nothing to do with it dont call here again.

  54. anonimus avatar

    One more thing they will say your on trial for three monthes.

  55. anonimus avatar

    It is a rat trap you want to avoid it

  56. anonimus avatar

    It just a waist of our prestious time, it is time consuming I think we could do something better I almost fell in to the trap now I have reallized what I was falling into some big rat trap. I defenately avoid in the future because I have learnt my lesson thank you.
    Scum Avoid!!!

  57. anonimus avatar

    David I think you are dreaming so wake up and smell the fresh air

  58. anonimus avatar

    Robyn I have an answer for you you should press on junk and block and dont even think of looking at it avoid do not open it and dont give them your phone or mobile. Number in the future and change yur mobile no.

  59. anonimus avatar

    Nm just put them on the junk and block it will delete.

  60. Guys, if you are ever signing up to things such as the free product testing, I reccomend you make a e-mail address specifically for this and maybe even get a cheap or old phone for just this use if you want to invest into it, this will stop them from being able to scam you, because the e-mail address you can just delete and the phone’s SIM card can be replaced for £1
    Hopefully this was useful 🙂

    1. Use leemail, you can set up a temporary email address and just switch it off when the spam starts. First five are free, then it’s a dollar a month if you want more.

  61. I was going to do this and ground to a halt when they asked for your mobile number, NEVER give our your mobile to a marketer they’re gutter trash and will sell it to every cunt out there

  62. Product Testing has proven itself to be a scam. I registered with them in the hope of doing some reviews and had to supply personal information. But because I refused to accept anything on the survey pages that you have to do in order to be registered for the company review, I have not had any work at all put my way, and also Scottish Power keep on phoning my mobile, I have never given them my mobile number and I’m not a customer of theirs nor do I want to be. They are phoning me like four times a day and when I answer my phone they hang up.


  63. steve avatar

    To be fair guys it is a scam but not as you see it. You do get a chance to get something which is what we wanted. But they pay for their services from all the cold calls and passing on details etc. That’s the way it is. Nothing is free in life. If you can with all the crap the. You could get something good. If you expect it to be easy and not get any hassle. Keep looking.

    1. Riiight, they sound out one 5-7 hundred dollar a device a week to some lucky person. Yet they are making THOUSANDS a week by selling personal info to 3rd party assholes.

  64. They are all bastards

  65. DavidY avatar

    Oh dear, I just supplied my info without first checking !

  66. Fill out the forms with the details for product testing, give them a taste of their medicine.

  67. The same company appeared in a Guardian article last year regarding a paid offers website also run by Paul Knapp: Confirmed scammers.

  68. Shadowslip avatar

    Rent a premium phone number and enter that into as many spammers’ sites as possible. 🙂
    Some people have already made a load of money doing this. 🙂

  69. Oh I unsubscribed after I saw this article… Will it work??

  70. David? I want something free im 17, can I make a fake identity on it like fake email and fake number

    1. David Artiss avatar
      David Artiss

      I don’t believe they do anything to verify age, so there shouldn’t be an issue signing up. But why? Have you read the article? You’re unlikely to get anything other than spam?

  71. I received one of this company’s emails today, and read this article with interest. Although not wishing to defend their actions in any way, it is worth pointing out that when you click the advert link and go to their sign-up website, there is a clear link to their Privacy Policy, which contains the dire warnings below. You can’t really say you weren’t warned… Note in particular the last paragraph which says that by using the site you are consenting to them phoning you even if you are registered with the TPS and similar :

    ” collects stores and uses data about you and your answers to specific questions asked by sponsors. Submission Technology and its clients or sponsors may contact you with offers and information which they feel will be of interest to you through mail, telephone, SMS or email. We may also use the personal information you provide for the purposes of identity verification, credit and risk management, revenue collection, database verification and enhancement.

    When you register and enter your details you will, only if you choose to opt in, consent to us and selected third parties including The Times, Independent Financial Matters Ltd, The Guardian, Aditus, UK Prize, Grove Pensions, Allgroove Limited, Roberts Jackson LTD, Comptown, solicitors and other associated partners sending you information by email, post, SMS or telephone about products and/or services that have been selected based on your stated interests. You will also be contacted via phone by either O2, Talktalk, Vodafone, Scottish Power or Prizestore.

    We use your personal, demographic and profile data to enhance your experience at our site and to enable us to present content we think you might be interested in. We use your contact information to send you information about our company and promotional material from our partners. Information collected by us may be added to our databases and used for future telemarketing, SMS text-messaging, e-mails or postal mailings regarding site updates, new products and services, upcoming events, and/or status of orders placed online.We may also use your personal, demographic and profile data to improve our site, for statistical analysis, for marketing and promotional purposes, send SMS alerts or notification, and for editorial or feedback purposes for our advertisers. Our advertisers may contact you with offers and information which they feel will be of interest to you through mail, telephone, SMS or email. Our advertiser industries may include:

    Health and Beauty
    Finanacial Products including, but not limited to, Payment Protection Insurance
    Competitions and Prizes

    By using this site, you agree that you may be contacted in any manner contemplated in this section even if your number is found on a do not call registry, in-house list or similar registry. ”


    1. I understand what you’re saying but you do have to realise that the article was written some time ago, so the statements made in it WERE true at the time. Things may have changed and I hope to review the site again soon.

  72. Rowan the Healer avatar
    Rowan the Healer

    It’s amazing that 4 years after your original article they are still working the same scam. Made the mistake of signing up yesterday. Bugger!

  73. […] My original post, where I revealed the truth behind, has become one of the most read articles on my site and has garnered a huge amount of feedback. What’s certainly true is that the only people with something positive to say are those who’ve actually received a product to review. I always knew that they would actually be giving out products – what is clear is the methods use to confuse people into thinking they’re guaranteed to get one in exchange for signing up to a lot of spam email. Spam email, it should be noted, that is difficult to stop. […]

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