My new obsession – Battlefield 3

A friend had been trying to get me interested in Battlefield 3 for a while. It was only after finding that I had some Nectar points to spend that I decided to buy it. Having said that it’s only £25.

At first I had no idea what I was doing, but assistance from the same friend helped out. He’s often online when I’m playing and we group together (a shame he has a rubbish headset, though).

If  you’ve not come across Battlefield 3, you’ve probably heard of Call of Duty which is similar. It’s a first-person shooter game set in the world of modern warfare. It includes land, sea and air vehicles as well as fighting on foot. The graphics are superb and the sound ultra-realistic. On PS3 and xbox you play 16-a-side online games, with larger games on PC. Sadly, due to console restrictions, you can’t play across different platforms. A 1-person story-based game is also included but I quickly skipped this for the online action. There’s nothing quite like the knowledge that everyone you’re playing against is a real person somewhere in the world.

My favourite game is multi-player conquest on the Caspian Border map. I usually play as assault and am often found flag-hopping or in tanks.

What makes the game even better is a website that the game developers provide where you can view your battles, ranks, equipment, etc. For those truly addicted you can also buy the Premium pack for about £40. This gives you a number of extra features as well as extra games and maps as they are released (which would otherwise be an additional cost).

If anyone wants to join me on PS3 my Battlelog and PSN username is Darkstorm40.

If you’ve now played, watch the video below for some idea of the gameplay…

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  1. Battlefield 3 is regarded as one of the best video games for any games console. Due to its excellent graphics, it is the first choice for video game buyers. Beating the game requires a lot of skills as it is a very complex video game.

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