Pogoplug – now just £10

I’ve reviewed the Pogoplug before and really love it. I continue to use it this day – in my case I use it for off-site laptop backups.

The Pogoplug is a box that you connect to your broadband router. You then plug in, via USB, any number of USB devices (there are 3 ports on the Pogoplug itself but you can use USB hubs as well), whether USB memory sticks or external hard drives. The contents of these drives can then be accessed anywhere you are – either via their website, a smartphone app or a desktop program (which will map drive letters to your Pogoplug).

Anyway, it’s now available for just £10. That must be less than the physical cost of the hardware components. Ok, there’s an additional £10 delivery cost (it comes from Germany), but that’s still an absolute bargain that shouldn’t be missed.


  • Tashy Man

    11th December 2012

    The link (where it says 10 doesnt seem to work…really after oneof these

    • David Artiss

      11th December 2012

      It still works for me. Not sure what to suggest as I can’t find an alternative link.



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