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Ford SYNC Upgrades

The version of SYNC that comes with UK Focus models is quite an early release, modified for the UK market. A number of releases in the US have occurred since, including the ability to update the firmware yourself via USB. Sadly, we can’t do that and are reliant on it being done via dealers (not that there have been any releases).


In the US, in particular, they received an AppLink update which allows them to remotely control certain phone apps via their SYNC bluetooth and voice controls.

Confirmation that Ford was never going to upgrade our version of SYNC only came recently…

This states that Ford aren’t going to update UK owners with the AppLink version of SYNC. Equally, we’ll never get SYNC 2 or SYNC 3, as they rely on touch screens.

The latest Ford models in the UK are now coming with SYNC 3. Only time will tell if they bother to update this in the UK.

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  1. There’s actually two versions of Ford SYNC; SYNC and SYNC with AppLink. SYNC cannot be changed to ‘SYNC with AppLink’, Ford have referenced that a piece of hardware is missing from the SYNC models which SYNC with AppLink relies on.

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