Amazon Marketplace companies are privately bribing customers for good reviews

Amazon, both US and UK, recently changed their Terms & Conditions to prevent companies from providing free or reduced cost items to customers in return for reviews (which, consistency, results in better review scores than you’d normally get).

However, it would appear that the Marketplace businesses have found another solution – contacting customers who leave anything but glowing reviews and, essentially, bribing them.

I did a spate of reviews of recent products at the weekend and within a 24 hour period two, separate businesses have contacted me about my reviews.

The first one did it right – they said they saw my negative review and that their product had a warranty. They would be happy to send me a replacement if I wanted, or refund me. There was no mention of the review, let alone changing it.

The second item, and the real issue here, was for a strap for my Fitbit. I gave it a review of 4 out of 5 – it dropped a star because of some rough edges.

Glad to know that you’re satisfied with our band except the edges is a few sharp. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with this transaction.

As we’re doing business in amazon,full star means a lot to us. If you think it will solve the problem you met, and the band works perfect,can you do us a favor to light up full star of product review ?

At this stage I wasn’t sure what they were asking for, other than for me to give them a 5 star review.

As honoraria,we will refund you $1 for your supporting,hope not offend you!

Ah, so they want to pay me? Now, that IS bribing me for a review. And does it offend me? Of course.

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