Why don’t we value the work of artists?

It seems an innocent enough Tweet, doesn’t it, but my reply to it caused an immediate, negative reaction from the author.

I have no beef with Adam but more to do with the fact that he needs to advertise the fact that it’s a paid job. When was the last time you saw this…

Need a developer to create a new website for our business (paid)

Somehow, I suspect it’s never.

But in the world of the artist, in this case an illustrator, many people expect them to work for nothing, often citing “for the exposure” as their payment. It’s a real issue for artists, many of whom are often not the most highly paid professionals in the first place.

And, like many, I wasn’t aware of this myself. It’s only now that my daughter, a comic book art student, is being asked the same thing – to do work for free – that this has changed.

So, sorry, Adam, it’s definitely not personal – you’re doing the right thing. But it’s sad that being paid to do a job is something that has to be mentioned.

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