New WordPress plugin – Tidy My Menus

Don’t you just hate it when WordPress plugins are just a rule to themselves when it comes to adding new menus to your installation? Those slick, and well thought out, menu positions are now, seemingly, randomly dotted with plugin menus jostling for attention.

Well, hate no more. Tidy My Menus is an automated solution to all this. Install, activate and watch your menus tidy themselves up.

Right off the blocks, it has 3 pieces of functionality…

  1. You know those menus that have no sub-menus and are just a link the plugins’ settings? Yeah, they automagically get moved to the Settings menu now.
  2. So, a menu has sub-menus, but one is for settings and the other is to tell you about their premium release? Yeah, annoying. Wave goodbye to the latter sub-menu and wave hello to the settings being moved to where it should be (hint: under the settings menu).
  3. And for the all-out, mighty hammer of Thor dropping experience, it can even totally remove menus that have no need to be there if NOTHING under them is of use.

Now, the last 2 rely on my adding into the code details of those that need to be processed in this way. So, I NEED YOU to tell me of any plugins that you think I’ve missed out (or themes – they can add menu options too). Right now I have a test site that’s running about 80 of the top plugins (and boy does it run slow, that’s when I can see any of the screens for the vast number of notifications that appear at the top of the screen), which I’ve used to furiously test this, but, yeah I know, people don’t run just the most popular so I really am reliant on users telling me what else needs changing.

And I already have a list of enhancements for future (at least one of which is going to annoy premium plugin owners)…

  1. Add admin settings to individually switch off specific pieces of tidying functionality (this will be needed before I can implement some of the other enhancements)
  2. Auto-remove any sub-menus that are there just to sell premium upgrades (yeah, the plugin sellers are really gonna hate me)
  3. If a menu just has sub-menus for settings and tools, it will gain the ability to move items to the tools menu as well
  4. I love the new monochrome dashicons that WordPress now uses in the menu. It’s a shame that not all plugin developers do and insist of using their own, often coloured, variation. Bleurgh. An option will switch these out with a nice, healthy dashicon instead.
  5. Some plugins insist on the “look at me!” approach and insist on being way up the menu structure for no reason. A new option will push these down to where they belong.
  6. Last, but by no means least, I’ll add a dashboard widget so it will tell you just how fantastically well this plugin is doing at clearing up your menus.

Is there anything else you’d like to see (menu related – although I may have moaned about them above, I’m not clearing up the notifications)? Just bear in mind that I don’t intend to add a screen where you can add in your own plugin rules, or even add the ability to move menus around – I want this to be a “install, activate and sit back” plugin. Those proposed tick boxes in the settings are my one exception.

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