Killerby Holiday

24 years ago my wife’s family all got together at Killerby Old Hall in Yorkshire for a holiday. Last week it was repeated – same location but a much different family.

My wife’s parents have passed on and some of the family couldn’t make it but it’s still obvious that the family has expanded greatly over those 24 years.

Here’s my diary of the week.


We leave home after lunch, as we can’t check in until after 3pm. My eldest daughter, Laura, and her boyfriend Paul are journeying with me and my youngest daughter (Lucie) is going, in a separate car, with my wife. The journey is a little over 2 hours and, after a brief McDonalds stop for drinks, we arrive just after 3pm.

We’ve hired 2 of the cottages at the location and, after some jiggery-pokery of who is sleeping where, my wife and I, along with Lucie, have a room in the main cottage, whereas Laura and Paul are in the smaller, secondary one.

It’s not long before everyone starts to turn up. Needless to say, too, the heated, indoor pool is quickly explored.


The plan is for a quiet day and it is that – Sunday papers and not doing much (albeit quite a bit of swimming in the pool).

In the evening I join Laura and Paul for a 30 minute walk to  Cayton Bay – a nearby beach and our first look at the sea! It’s dark and overcast and, indeed, rains as soon as we get there. More trouble is afoot (pun intended) as I’d taken this opportunity to try out a brand new pair of trainers and, well, it wasn’t going well. Paul also managed to hit his head hard on some concrete, making it bleed (it was fine – no stitches required and it had healed by the time we got back). I decided to walk back barefoot, which was a pain, but not literally.


We headed off in the afternoon to Scarborough (well, the 5 of us in my car – different family groups were doing different things). It’s really close to where we’re staying and we went to the quieter North Bay, where we had a walk around the beach with ice creams.

We also had a walk around Peasholm Park.


3 families, ourselves included, head off early (well, late morning but that’s early based on how the week overall goes) to Sandsend.

It was a glorious day – maybe too much of one. The sun is intense and I quickly develop a headache. I occasionally wander off down to the shoreline, where it’s cooler, or paddle in nearby pools.


Today was a designated quiet day, playing board games and swimming. Laura and Paul have volunteered to cook for everyone tomorrow evening, so I take them both to a nearby Morrisons in the afternoon to get the ingredients that they need.


The day gets off to an unexpected early start, with family photos.

After the photos are done, we head off to Playdale Farm Park. This is a farm/play place. There are lots of animals to see but also go-karts, frisbee golf (the wind got the better of us) and zip lines, amongst others.


Another quiet day. More games. More swimming

In the evening we all go to Filey for a fish and chip tea.


And today, it’s all over. We have to be out before 10am, and we’re all gone by 9:45am.

We (the Artiss’) head to a nearby McDonalds for breakfast, which is much appreciated. We then (and don’t forget we’re in 2 cars) drive to Beverley. Jen is taking her nephew Zac to see his Dad, who lives there. Meantime, Paul, Laura and I park up in Beverley. Car parking is stupidly expensive.

We walk around the town centre, admiring (not) the lack of any diversity (it’s literally a sea of white faces), before we head to Browns Department Store, to use the cafe. We stick with drinks and even they mean almost having to re-mortgage the house.

It’s there we meet up with Jen. Her and Lucie want to have a look around the town so we decide to part ways – we’ll head back home and they can have their explore first. When they return home, Paul and Laura decide to head back themselves.


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