I’m thinking of writing a book

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I’ve been thinking about it a while, in fact. But I’m not sure if anybody would be interested or how to go about the research it would require.

For a while it’s fascinated me how, since I started gaming back in the 1980s, how the method of game payments has changed – how the companies have made the money from them. Everything from a one-off price for a game (No Man’s Sky) to loot boxes (Overwatch), season passes (Call of Duty) and beyond.

I’d love to write about them – what they all are, how they work and the pros and cons of them, along with the controversies. And all with discussion from insiders across the decades who’ve had first hand experience.

And some crystal ball-gazing too, trying to predict where this is going in the future.

I’ve been thinking about this all for a while but Jon Bentley’s Autopia: The Future of Cars has inspired me further.

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