Evri time – now I’ve had enough

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This week, a toilet paper delivery from Who Gives a Crap went awry.

Evri sent me a message to say my latest delivery (a not-small box of toilet rolls) had been delivered. It hadn’t. 5 minutes later, my doorbell rings and it’s Evri, who hand over a very tatty box – damaged in various places, including one who edge totally split. However, the toilet roll inside was fine.

The delivery was every more odd – they provided me with a confirmation photo of the delivery, which was a very blurry image of someone else at a totally different house taking delivery of it.

This is what, apparently, happened 5 minutes previous to it arriving. I guessed the driver got the wrong house before realising his mistake.

Anyway, here’s the condition that the box turned up in…

And this is the latest in a line of issues with Evri, including Christmas presents that went missing. As a result I’ve had enough – I’m not going to use retailers now who use Evri.

Full marks to Who Gives a Crap when I messaged them about this – they’ve switched my delivery to DPD in future (although everyone else is still Evri) and, although I don’t need anything replacing, as way of apology, they’ve added £5 to my account (which will come off my next order).

More people really need to vote with their feet.

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